A Comparative analysis of the demise of the Russian Empire in 1917

and of the United States of America now


Alexander Gofen, 12/28/2011-7/17/2012



Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.

It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

(John Adams, October 11, 1798)


Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people of the Judeo-Christian faith, living on an isolated continent.

It is wholly inadequate to the government and people of any other faith.

It is wholly inadequate under conditions of a wide openness to hostile ideologies and people carrying them. Contemporary America is open for ...  evil  (rather than "for business").

(The 2011 update)

I have often said that the use of a university is to make young gentlemen as unlike their fathers as possible.
 Woodrow Wilson, Princeton University, 1914

The purpose of a college education is to question your father's values.
James O. Freedman, Dartmouth College, 2002


One must not make a god of Stalin. He was too important for that.

Anna Louise Strong
from I Change Worlds (1935)


In spite of the time difference of about 100 years, the Russian Empire had fallen, and the United States is in the process of fall due to the similar causes: the negligence and failure to confront the destructive forces of Marxism.


Russian Empire

The United States of America

Prior to 1917: About 40 years of slightly suppressed Marxist propaganda.

Between 1905 and 1917: the militant Marxists extorted money from capitalists, while many other rich people joined and financed the Marxists willingly. 

Yet prior to 1917 Marxism is still mostly unknown and unpopular in Russia.

Despite the known history of Russia after 1917, for about 100 years United States completely neglected the threat of Marxism and allowed it to spread at all levels of government and private institutions. This inexplicable and inexcusable sympathy to the USSR was noticeable already in the 1920s. The first and the most significant step of this sympathy to the devil took place already in 1933, when the US recognized and established diplomatic relations with the USSR – a cannibal in the civilized world. Worse: This recognition took place despite the information about a new mega atrocity of the Soviet regime – an artificial famine "golodomor" arranged by Stalin in Ukraine in 1930-33. The scale and brutality of the "golodomor" (and other Soviet mega-repression campaigns) were on par with the Nazi Holocaust of Jews later, however the information about the "golodomor" was deliberately suppressed in the US – to not harm the image of the cannibal with which the diplomatic relations ought to be established no matter what. That was the moment when America lost its soul, wrote Ms. Diana West5). Since that moment the entire US politics fell under a heavy influence of the USSR and in its favor at the highest levels of the US government5).

Yet prior to the 1950s Marxism was still rather unpopular in the US. Some attempts to fight it back took place by Sen. J. McCarthy or historian Skousen.  

After the 1960s however, Marxism was spreading freely. It has consumed the system of education completely. The (demagogic) Marxist talk points became a standard for the entire political system. The mass media became 100% Marxist. All the rich and powerful who spoke out accepted the Marxist demagogy, no exceptions1).

Since resignation of the Emperor of Russia in February 1917, the Provisional government was too weak and too liberal.

That government ignored the intelligence that Germany purposely let the train through its territory in 1917 with the so called "sealed cars" delivering V. Lenin and his team of the most militant Bolsheviks into Russia. Germany also financed this team with multi million support funds wishing the Bolsheviks to take power in Russia. (Germany supported Lenin and Bolsheviks because they promoted an immediate withdrawal of Russia from the war).

The Provisional government ignored this threat, and never acted adequately against Lenin – a German spy. Using these funds, Bolsheviks had bought newspapers and a lot of influence just in a few months of 1917.

In doing so, on November 7, 1917, in almost bloodless silent coup Bolsheviks dismissed the Constitutional Convention and the Provisional government. Since that moment they established a dictatorship, which at first seemed hardly noticeable by anybody.  

The strategists and law enforcing agencies in the US have completely neglected the spread of Marxism in the US. These agencies were rather picking the wind and reading the lips of the "political elite" (already licking Stalin's boot since 1933).

In the modern time, the law enforcement deliberately ignored the money sources and illegal activity of peoples like Soros, clubs like Bilderberg, and the "New world government" ideologues.

Therefore in 2008 a constitutionally unqualified (not US natural born) candidate, a Marxist, an agent of influence and Moslem sympathizer, identity thief, fraud and forger Obama-(Soetoro-Soebarkach-Bounel) was promoted, allowed to campaign and to win the US presidency – unobstructed by even one political leader, election commission, or any other official! Unobstructed by his opponents McCain and Palin! Unobstructed by the so called "opposition" – the Republican party.

In fact, Republicans, McCain and Palin cooperated with the rival in order that he win: They did vet McCain (Sen. Res 511, 2008) but had never done it for the opponent. In fact the definition of US natural born citizenship re-affirmed in this resolution was inapplicable to Obama, while the "opposition", as though not noticing this controversy, has never bothered to apply it to the opponent.  

Republicans keep helping the usurper to win up to this moment in 2012, when it is already discovered that the usurper is a fraud and identity thief. They carefully avoid bringing fore or even hinting to any of the numerous crimes of Obama - the rival, whom they supposedly wished to defeat!     

According to the analysis compiled by J. Williams, many representatives of the elite and the legislature desired to see Obama a president and paved the way for him many years prior to 2008, yet their activity was ignored.

So the November of 2008 became a day of a de-facto coup in the US, when the Constitution was silently and willingly abandoned by all the political parties and by the three "as though independent" branches of the government. This coup (now in progress) first seemed hardly noticeable by anybody.  

In 1917-1920 despite of the German cash, Bolsheviks still were mostly unknown and unpopular in wider Russia: especially due to their militant atheism. However they had succeeded to quickly grab the power in several important cities.

There were no independent branches of government in Russia, nor any tradition of law obedience. There was no judiciary branch through which the patriots could contest the coup. The old Army was the only possible force of resistance then in Russia, which could confront the coup, and so it did.

Unlike Russia in 1917-1920, the Marxism in America became widely known and welcomed by a great proportion of citizenry (near 50%) in the modern time. A temptation to be a freeloader is an eternal sin of the humanity, but only during the industrial era the productivity rose so high, that the Western nation became capable to support a significant part of their population which never work.

These relatively new type of citizenry emerged due to grotesquely generous entitlements of the government. The government was incapable and unwilling to zip its wallet, so it just zealously placated the unproductive class - absolutely unthinkable in the USSR2). That citizenry completely lost the work ethic and the spiritual foundation proper to American citizenry prior to ascend of Marxism. As a saying (posted by Dr. Taitz) puts it, "People that work for a living are being overwhelmed by people who vote for a living".

Therefore, not only was the coup of 2008 in the US  hardly identified as such, but worse: "The change" was welcomed by the majority.

Unlike in Russia of 1917, the old three branches of the government in America formally remained in power. Yet they maintained the state of total denial about the unconstitutionality of the impostor Obama-Soetoro, and about the very fact of the 2008 coup. The entire issue became a taboo.

The Russian Army those days was exhausted by the WWI, undermined and corrupted by the Marxist propaganda. Yet the elite of the Army and the middle echelon were still loyal to the lawful government of Russia. Except a small part which took the side of Bolsheviks joining the Red Army, the old Army elite did not support the coup and formed the so called White Army in order to defeat Bolsheviks and to restore the lawful government of Russia. 

There were many prominent generals in various parts of Russia which formed the parts of the White Army: Kolchak, Denikin, Wrangel – to name a few. 

Unlike in Russia, the US Army actually backed the coup (except only three middle level officers!). The US Army therefore has betrayed the oath to protect the US Constitution. As of this moment (March, 2012), there is no indication that something analogous to the Russian White Army may ever emerge in the US in a foreseeable future. The entire US Army plays the role of the Red Army of Russia in 1917-1921.  

As to the citizenry, only a small part of it has noticed and recognized the unconstitutionality of what happened in 2008. These constitutionalists (mocked as "birthers" by the collaborators of the coup) are struggling for the full exposure and prosecution of the impostor. Unlike them, the so called Tea Parties (named so after the rebels of the 1770s) evade any mentioning of the illegitimacy issue, struggling only against a few policies of the "president" approved by their handlers.

The constitutionalists pursue the judicial line of fight challenging the courts (see below). However the courts so far audaciously sabotaged each and every attempt to hear the case in merits. The US courts now are no different from the Soviet "courts".

The White Army unfortunately was betrayed and defeated. At the beginning the civil war was more successful for the White Army, which succeeded to catch the gold treasury of Russia. Unlike the constitutionalists in America, the parts of White Army were compactly located in various areas of wide Russia. Yet these parts of White Army were separated and unconnected geographically, while the Red Army in the center was one connected entity. 

Even more importantly, the White Army was (mostly) a voluntary army, and its human resource was limited, while the Red Army was mobilized via conscription by the Bolshevik dictatorship. For that reason alone the White Army was doomed.

Also, in those days nobody in Russia could even imagine the scope and ugliness of the Bolshevik dictatorship as it unfolded later. And Russians then got already seduced by baseless promises of Marxists.  

The White Army was also betrayed by the world powers and even by some of its commanders. The world powers ceased any military help to the White Army – not understanding at all the peril of the Bolshevism for the entire humanity.

As of March, 2012, no part of the US Army is up to their duty to disobey the usurper Obama-Soetoro and the treasonous military brass. No part of it appears ready to split away into a separate White Army with the goal to protect the Constitution.  

Even if a certain number of personnel decided to do so, it would be problematic to gain an access to the treasury, hardware, ammunition and high-tech.

In the moment there is not one state among the 50 states which is ready to secede and to host a would-be White Army of America.

So far the forces wishing to resist are thinly spread nation-wide, and it is unclear how even to bring them together compactly (not to mention how to feed and provide for them).

There are no external political powers interested in helping the hypothetical American White Army in restoring the American Constitution (much less restoring the former role of America as the super power).  

No judicial attempts to restore the constitutional order in Russia had ever taken place.  

The judicial fight for restoration of the Constitutional order lasts since the end of 2008 and is still in progress. Meanwhile the nation fell so low that it seems the truth simply became “irrelevant”…

In the Stalinist USSR any undesired truth became “irrelevant” and tabooed. Stalin’s own past in the tsarist Russia was very dark. First, Josef Stalin (nicknamed Koba) was a robber baron and racketeer in Georgia (Russia) extracting money for the sake of Bolsheviks (an illegal party in Russia then). Later however Koba "turned the table" and became a very valuable agent for the tsarist secret service (“Ochrana”). He became the agent immersed into the very core of the Bolshevik elite, so that none of them had the slightest idea which “comrade” they had. And so he served for Ochrana up to the Bolshevik coup of 1917.

Since that time a hunt for the vast file on him maintained by Ochrana (and a hunt for the former associates in robberies) became Stalin’s first priority. Yet in the early 1920s the Bolshevik’s secret service (ChK) was not yet under his boot. The head of ChK was a notorious comrade Dzerzhinsky, who seemed to reach the Stalin’s file from Ochrana at a certain point. Promptly, Stalin succeeded to stage the death of Dzerzhinsky (from “natural causes” and without an autopsy indeed), however the file was still beyond Stalin’s reach yet. It was not before the late 1930s when the “genius leader of the world proletariat” had finally got his hands on a few generals keeping the file. (Promptly, the generals and thousands of their subordinates were arrested and executed). At that time Stalin had already consolidated the absolute power. It became completely impossible for any individual, or a delegate of the CPU congress, or whichever authority at place then even to think about production of this incriminating file and exposure of the Stalin’s true past. Not only did the truth then become irrelevant (because nobody cared to know it), but it also became an extremely dangerous knowledge for anybody suspected of being privy to it.

During Obama/Soetoro in the USA, the similarity is in that here too only a very few care about the truth. The truth became near irrelevant. And a lot of the state institutions and mass media are already under a totalitarian control.


Unlike Stalin’s Russia however, meanwhile we are still a relatively benign totalitarian state. We are still very far from the totality of intimidation of the entire citizenry, nor do we have (yet) the GULAG and similar means of suppression. Those who wished to enthrone the usurper Obama/Soetoro greatly miscalculated, hoping that the truth about it will be easily suppressed, ridiculed and buried forever without any resistance from the patriotic citizenry: (well armed citizenry). So the Stalin’s scheme cannot be reproduced without all its “components in place!”.   


On the other hand, the Stalin's "means" of keeping folks at bay seem to be even unnecessary in America. The American people (the "sheeple", as coined by Michael Savage) are quite compliant on its own so far. So far no particular intimidation seems to be even required. Meanwhile a mere fear to lose their jobs and positions keeps the sheeple in line quite well.  

There were numerous attempts of attorneys to file the cases in US courts. Yet all the cases were dismissed without hearing in merits: mostly on the ground as though American voters "have no standing" (i.e. they did not suffer a specific damage) because of election of a Constitutionally unqualified candidate!

There were several decisions of American Grand Juries in 2009 which found Obama/Soetoro guilty in various crimes from fraud and perjury to treason. Then a prominent black pastor in Harlem, New York, James Davis Manning held a (people) trial in May 2010, which indicted Obama in the above mentioned crimes. In 2011 many experts filed their reports to FBI and other offices of state prosecution, in which reports the experts testified forgery of the officially presented documents of Obama. However neither of those state prosecution offices have followed the reports of the experts, private citizens, of American Grand Juries or the Manning (people) trial in May 2010.

The leader of the judicial fight and its most prominent personality is Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq (now running for the US Senator from CA).   

In December 2011, the fight reached the next phase – the challenge to all 50 state election commissions, attempting to re-enter the illegitimate candidate Obama into the primary ballots the second time. The main source of information about various aspects of this fight is Dr. Taitz' site http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/  and also a conservative news outlet http://www.wnd.com/ .

In February 2012, the first hearing of the case in merits finally took place by GA administrative judge M. Malihi. Both constitutional and criminal charges against Obama/Soetoro therefore were first entered on official record. Dr. Orly Taitz brought the evidence and testimonies of 7 witnesses and experts, who all testified that the major personnel documentation of Obama/Soetoro is forged and faked. However the ruling of the judge was so grotesque that it rather symbolizes the end of Justice in this nation (see here and here).  

On March 1, 2012 the investigation group of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (Arizona) announced their first findings at a press conference for the mass media. The Sheriff had independently confirmed that the officially presented partial and full birth certificates of Obama were computer forgeries, and his military registration card was faked too. In other words, the sitting "president" appears to have no personnel documentation legitimizing his presidency. Moreover, he is implicated in a deliberate production of counterfeit documents. Normally such a sensational discovery ought to bring the mass media into the state of shock. It ought to explode into a nonstop extensive coverage of this scandal.

However what happened to be sensational was rather the silence - the deafening silence! - of the major American media. It took the English issue of Pravda (Truth3)) to publish an in-depth analysis of the Sheriff's report about the egregious crime and constitutional crisis visited upon this nation.  

On July 17, 2012, Sheriff Arpaio and his investigator Zullo gave the second interview to the press. They brought more evidence of forgery and internal contradiction in the counterfeit birth certificate produced by the White House in April 2011. If nothing else, this alone implicated Obama/Soetoro into a crime of a magnitude and baseness never heard of from a head of a civilized nation. Again, only irritation and insults against the messengers was the reaction of the press. The "designated opposition" (Republican party), their puppet frontrunner Romney, as well as the totalitarian press remained still "unimpressed": still in denial, still covering up for the biggest fraud in history of nations.    

However the world does know everything. Russia knows everything, Britain knows4), while America alone seems not noticing that its pants are ugly soiled…

1) Amazingly accurately the demise of America was predicted already in 1984 by a defector from KGB Yuri Bezmenov. In our time (2010-2012) a group of authors compiled a video clip juxtaposing the original footage of the interview with Bezmenov 25 years ago vs. a series of the well recognizable culprits of America's demise of the modern days.

2) In the USSR the Marxist demagoguery like "caring about the poor and downtrodden" was used only as propaganda talking points. Such humanitarian niceties as welfare, food stamps, or even short term unemployment checks had never existed there, nor could be even thought of.

3) This news agency has no association with the Communist newspaper "Pravda".

 4) "Is the President the President?" - The report of Lord Monckton (the hereditary Peer) to the Chamber of Lords.

5) "American Betrayal" – by Diana West, and my review.