Defeat of civilization
The faces of abomination

(watch with empty stomach)

A new employee of the Biden administration Sam Brinton. "It" will work in the section of Nuclear Energy of the US Department of Energy, a graduate of MIT, mind you. (The source - in Russian).

And “it” is also a thief

And here are the old cadres:

Buttigieg "breast feed"

And now... Тransgender doctor (former Admiral!) Rachel Levine

История карьерного роста одной американской адмиральши

(an article in Russian)


And what about this transformation of a navy seal?

What does it all tell you about mental and military capabilities of American military?

A Canadian transgender high school teacher has gone viral after wearing massive fake breasts and short shorts in front of young students.

According to reports, his name was Stephen Hanna, a manufacturing technology teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario, Canada
who allegedly began identifying as a woman last year. He is now known as Kayla Lemieux.

Allegedly Klaus Schwab








….vagina for kids  

 And finally…Drum roll please!

2018: here and here


But wait: here is how it goes in Israel 


A "pride" parade in … Jerusalem! - Парад Гордости в Иерусалиме


Here, here, here, and here: "In the name of  lust" desecration of the sacred cause