A discussion with an obot

This very telling discussion took place in comments to the article http://www.frontpagemag.com/2015/truthrevolt-org/andrew-klavan-the-obama-conspiracy-conspiracy/

The discussion (with some Jeff Swiney) begins with my comment (below). 

Alexander Gofen: What?! Front page finally publishes jokes about "Obama Conspiracy Conspiracy"?! No joking!..


The grotesque truth is however that there was no secrecy. A UFO (Unidentified Foreign Operative) was allowed to campaign and be elected in full light of the day by all parties and all branches of the government since 2008. His declared Kenyan father, and Indonesian step father (which made Obama an Indonesian citizen Soetoro) alone grossly violate his constitutionally required natural born status.


And then later uncovered stolen SS#, coarsely forged personal docs, and Loretta Fuddy submitting them - the only dead (and hastily cremated) in a staged water landing - all that in full light of the day, testified by witnesses, in court records... It is a 3 dollar bill in the White House!


However conspiracies do not operate with 3 dollar bills in full light of the day. It may happen only in a fat and brain dead completely derailed nation, but then it is not a matter of joking...


Jeff Swiney: Still clinging to the Birther thing?


That's kind of sad actually. Being led around by the nose from the likes of Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo for 6 years with absolutely nothing to show for it.


Grasping for the hope that "any day now" Zullo will release his "Universe Shattering" news which in the fevered mind of the Birther, will restore his broken world somehow.

Even though it's obvious to everyone except the handful of birthers who remain, that he has nothing.


Even if he had, that ship has sailed long ago. Obama is still, and will remain President.



Alexander Gofen: It has not much to do with "promises of Zullo". It was a 3 dollar bill since day one in 2008. Educate yourself a bit:  (Part 1, by Diana West)


http://wnd.com/2015/01/obamas-identity-fraud-and-mickey-mouse-media   (Part 1, by Diana West)

http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org/OpenLetter/UFOInWhiteHouse.htm   (Part 2, by Alexander Gofen)

With ignorant citizens like yourself, alas, Obama is still, and will remain "resident"... And if it happens, if our struggle for the exposure of the truth and the triumph of justice before 2016 fails, this nation will forever remain in history with its indelible dishonor of the last decades: From the stained dress of Ms. Lewinsky to the soiled pants of the entire nation. For it will be the first time in history when the greatest treason and dictatorship have succeeded without violence, with the freedom of speech in place, but unused; with the 2nd Amendment still valid, but not one shot fired...


Jeff Swiney: Yeah, yeah, I've read all the Birther nonsense.

Six years later they've still proved zip.


Keep wishing though.


Alexander Gofen: What is proved wrong in my post or the referred articles? Your post however clearly demonstrates what's wrong with American populous...


Jeff Swiney: And thus the reason that Birthers and other conspiracy go nowhere.


They challenge you to prove a negative. Supposedly it's up to everybody else to prove that they're wrong, not for them to prove that they are right.


For instance: Proof that Obamas birth certificate is a forgery.


Yeah, I know that that Sheriff Arpaio said so in a press conference. Unremarked upon by Birthers, is that he never got around to releasing to the public the evidence on which he based this. Hard to prove a negative when the side demanding it refuses to give their evidence.


The game grows old quickly for most people.


Alexander Gofen: When a person jumps into a discussion and claims that something (or everything) was wrong, it is HIS burden to prove what was wrong.


The facts brought in my post and in the referred articles are well proven (and some of them were on the very surface since 2008). This nation has merely reached such a despicable stage, that FACTS AND PROOFS DO NOT MATTER any more, while you perceive this stage of incivility as if it were a proof that everything is OK, and it is the messengers who are guilty.


It is YOUR deficiency, and deficiency of the populous of this nation, not mine.


Jeff Swiney: "The facts brought in my post and in the referred articles are well proven.."


No they're not.

Which is the point of my post.

WHERE is your "Proof"?


BTW: Calm down. Nobody has accused you of any "deficiency". You were simply asked to provide the facts behind what you believe.


The Hayes report was what Sheriff Arpaio claimed his finding of "Fraudulent Birth Certificate" was based on at his press conference.

And yet, he refuses to release that report for examination. Every wonder why?


You guys brought an extra 3 million bucks to his reelection coffers.


Money he gets to keep when he retires, as he had no opposition during the election to begin with.


Can you hear me now?


Alexander Gofen: I do not owe you again repetition of proven facts well presented in the referred articles by Diana West, mine (and numerous earlier publications say at http://wnd.com). It is your burden to point out what is possibly wrong in them. Nevertheless, here is a brief list again.


There are two kinds of violations related to the UFO: (a) plain criminal, and (b) constitutional.


Plain criminal


1) To begin with, which is his true legal name: Obama? Soetoro (as a citizen of Indonesia)? Soebarkach (in his mom's passport)? Bounel (as the deceased person of 1890, whose social security number 042-68-4425 of Connecticut Obama stole)?


2) It is on several court records (filed by Dr. Taitz), that the above mentioned SS# was never officially assigned to Obama, and yet his tax report was filed under it. eVerify signals a mismatch. It was discovered who legally owned this number (deceased person Bounel) and SS numbers were not recycled. Obama therefore stole this number.


3) The true certified copy of his BC delivered by (late) Ms. Fuddy in April 2011 and displayed on the White House Web page appeared to be a grotesque forgery containing both logical inconsistencies and all traces of doctoring the image - in testimonies of numerous experts on court records, in the reports presented by Sheriff Arpaio at 2 press conferences, and in numerous reports sent by citizens to FBI.


4) Similarly grotesque forgery of his military registration: Also on court records and in reports mentioned in (3).


5) Ms. Loretta Fuddy, the head of Hawaii health department, who submitted the forged BC in 2011, happened to be the only dead in the non-fatal water landing of a plane in 2013, and hastily cremated. Just a fact.




6) Clearly not natural born, if his biography is true and his biological father was Obama Sr. never a citizen of the US.


7) Disregarding (6), clearly not natural born because his step father made him a citizen of Indonesia named Soetoro (on court records).


8) Clearly not natural born if his earlier book promoting booklet truly indicates his birth place as Kenya.


9) If items (6) or (7) in his biography are untrue, then he ran under false pretences, which is a criminal offence and nullifies his election. 



Finally, unrelated to this list, if you are hinting as though the attempts to expose the truth about the usurper somehow added money to his reelection coffers (even if true), this is a despicable DemoGOPy! All that GOP needed to defeat the impostor was to FULLY EXPOSE HIM. However in 2012 GOP banned Dr. Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio from reporting and exposing their opponent whom they supposedly wished to defeat.


Jeff Swiney: Every, single, one of those questions has been answered Ad Nauseum with facts. To the point that everyone else is satisfied with the answers


That's the other feature of conspiracy theorist. It's called confirmation bias: In which the conspiracy theorist begins with the answer that they want to arrive at, and simply ignore and dismiss evidence to the contrary.


It's easy, because you don't have to intellectually refute it. You just dismiss or ignore it.


Instead of asking questions, why don't you provide some answers that you can prove?


Again, it is a game that grown ups grow weary of quickly.


Alexander Gofen:


1) All the above are facts, not questions! There is nothing to answer about them. You could try to prove that some of them are false or forged, but you did not do that (because they are true).


2) Your post is illogical. I did not ask you any questions. It was you who asked me again to bring the proofs and facts, and so I did.


3) You are trying hard to keep the party gates, but every reader can clearly see your misery: Your misery and misery of this nation (the beacon of humanity, bright city on the hill) which lives with THIS luggage already 6 years and proud...


Jeff Swiney: Misery?


We won. Obama will remain in office and Birthers are no closer to removing him with their conspiracy theories then they were 6 six years ago.


But keep the hope alive. At this point "hope" is all the Birthers have.


Alexander Gofen:  Aha! Tha-a-a-ank you, Mr. Swiney. Thank you for revealing yourself. Now, all of a sudden, it is no more a matter of facts, proofs, and truth, but a matter "We won": "We" being somebodies whose primary goal is to have Obama in the office no matter what. Interesting...


But who are you? Who are those "We"? Neo-Marxist? Pederasts? Liberasts? Mo-o-o-slems? Progressives? Bolsheviks? A weighted mixture of the above?


Well, whoever you are, it is a bit early to claim as though you won. So far we are in Russia's 1917. The REAL civil war has not yet started... As it evolved then and there, and a thin layer of civility was quickly stripped, your brethren-Bolsheviks got a huge plenty of their own medicine from people. Therefore do not celebrate your victory prematurely...


Jeff Swiney: Now you're just babbling...