Emergency Program




The most shocking immediate outcome of this 2020 election is a depth of fall of the so called "we the sheeple" of America. More than 50% of this sheeple voted for the couple Biden/Harris: more scandalous and grotesque than even the impostor Obama! A huge criminal file on Biden, an impostor Harris, a whore, hated even by the Dems (at the last place in their Primaries)! As Trump had said, anybody in the world supposedly should beat such a couple. And yet not only did more than 50% of the popular votes go to that couple, but even in the states where Trump won, a significant percentage of votes was for Biden.


The most sane state happened to be Wyoming with the score 70.4% vs. 26.7% (if 26.7% for Biden still means "sane").


America is irredeemable and definitely lost.


If Trump finally wins via litigation (may God help him), it would still only postpone the demise of America given its deplorable state now. However if the litigation fails and the scores are not corrected in his favor, here is an emergency plan for secession saving at least the remnants of the Founders' blueprint. (11/22/2020)

If Trump and his team (which have just fired Attorney Sindey Powell) are going to evade the issue of the gross treason of massively organized violation of the election by CIA, FBI, DHS and others, reducing it all merely to re-election of Trump,
it would only postpone the demise of America given its deplorable state now. Here is therefore an emergency plan for secession saving at least the remnants of the Founders' blueprint.


  1. Consider the outcome 70.4% vs. 26.7% in Wyoming as a decisive plebiscite in favor of Trump and secession from the failed criminal Federation violating the Constitution for more than 100 years.
  2. In 2021 let the Governor of Wyoming step down offering his position to Trump. (11/22/2020)
  3. Let the members of the electoral college of Wyoming not show up for the Congressional counting, and the Federal Senators and  Congressmen of Wyoming elected for 2021 resign and return to Wyoming – as a gesture of de facto exit from the Federation.
  4. Wyoming urgently creates a commission which elaborates the terms of exiting the Federation, in particularly determining the share of the 26 trillion Federal debt for which Wyoming agrees to be responsible and the share of the Federal gold reserve which belongs to Wyoming.
  5. Both Dakotas (whose outcome was also strongly in favor of Trump) consider the similar scenario with a possibility to form an association with Wyoming in the near future.
  6. The secession of Wyoming (and possibly Dakotas) is a signal for the remnants of the patriots in the nation to relocate into Wyoming (while the adherents of Biden there must feel a pressure to leave). This will be an opportunity to divorce and separate by interest peacefully.
  7. Please mind that secession of states is not against the Constitution (and so it was silently presumed when the US was established). Unlike the situation in the 1860s, in these days secession is quite real. The most liberast Oregon and Washington states recently were close to secession confronting the Federal government, which was not going at all to keep them by force. What works for liberasts, must work for patriots as well.


Patriots of America! Go John Galt!