Make America what?!

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.
Thomas Jefferson

Shameless Trump – and shameless America! – jumped onto the campaign slogan MAGA: Make America Great Again! (Great America My Ass!)


Of course, nobody bothered to pose a question as Prof. Hanson1 did: "Can countries make themselves great again?" at all. Or more specifically, can a country staying in soiled pants make itself great again without changing the pants and taking a shower? Can a country where there are crimes too big to be even acknowledged (never mind prosecuted) make itself great again?

America behaves as though some improvements in economy (achieved by Trump) may "compensate" for ...

However the only consequence of the sin too big to repent may be the punishment too big to comprehend! TREMBLE you, fallen, stupid, unrepentant America forgetting about God's judgment!

Can a country disobeying its own laws and Constitution pretend to become great again while discrediting human civilization?! No law – no civilization (wrote Prof. Hansen)! That's the contemporary America!


That's the contemporary America: silent and unrepentant about the still progressing unprecedented crime of the 2008-2016 usurpation of the presidency by an Unidentified Foreign Operative (UFO) under an uncertain name Obama: not only still at large, but actually very near the White House.


That's America, where the Clinton's Mafia with all their crimes (many being widely known and acknowledged) is also at large, not fearing any prosecution.

That's America after the 2020 election steal, still screaming MAGA! (Added in 2022)


That's America, a liberast and pederast nation – but who cares? Elating crowds just keep screaming "Make America great again"!

Idiots! First at least...


Make America Straight again!

Currently [2019] the Department of State commissioned all American Embassies in the world to promote decriminalization of the sodomy and LGBT activities!  And in 2022 all American Embassies monitor and spread the transgenderism obscurantism.

If God doesn’t punish America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!
(Ruth Graham, the wife of Bill Graham)


And also …


Make America White again
and WASP again!


For it was the WASP which made America great!

Trump has never said this, but the liberast scum invented this slogan above in order to discredit Trump. The liberast scum ridicules Trump as if this slogan were an unthinkable "thought crime", while in reality it must be a goal and duty of every nation to preserve itself for its posterity just as it was founded with its original culture, language, and national (including racial) identity. A duty of every nation, in particular ours, whose Constitution was established "in order to ... secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity."



If there were really enough citizens who were not happy with the composition of the nation as it was founded: prior to changing this composition, wouldn't it be a must for the government at least to conduct a nation-wide referendum whether this nation wants its identity to be changed, and which way to be changed?


Had the American government ever held a referendum whether Americans want islam and islamic piranhas here? I cannot recall such a referendum: can you? Yet we have here already 3100+ mosques and millions of their visitors, islam being promoted at all levels of the government including the military – all that mostly after the 9/11/2001 mind you!

By the same token, has the American government ever made a referendum whether Americans want even more Latinos here, and whether Americans approve that each and every official activity be offered in Spanish – the language of the invaders, who did not even need to take over our nation
militarily, because our own treasonous government encouraged the invaders to come! Because our own treasonous government keeps pandering to the invaders in paroxysms of dhimmitude both islamic and latino.


Had the European governments ever asked their citizenry such questions – before fulfilling a self-liquidation of their own nations by invading them with islamic piranhas?   

What? You have never heard anybody speak with such an "aggression"?! Well, I am trying to re-accustom you to straight speech (after decades of your willing compliance and fear). Free speech does not mean "soft speech" intended to please everybody: surely not to please liberasts.


That is why the liberasts and the lefts invented an idea about a "safe space" free of any opposition. Surely, they demand safe space only for themselves (yet presuming no such space for conservatives). The liberasts and the lefts oppose "micro-aggression" (i.e. disagreement with them). Yet they resort to real violence as a legitimate means to disagree with conservatives.

Here is some bad news for you, liberasts: you will have to get used to both micro-  and macro-aggression. And thank God if it does not evolve into mega-aggression against you, which you all have well deserved. Longing about a "safe space", you still have a lot of it in your role model nations such as Cuba, N. Korea, or Norway and Sweden… You can fulfill your dream over there. And those who love the America of the Founding Fathers – join the Judeo-Christian America party over here!


Alexander Gofen

(born in the former USSR)

1. Victor Hanson, "Can Countries Make Themselves Great Again?"

In addition to this in-depth historic review of nations that rose and fell, it's necessary to add that what is happening now has no historic analogy. In the past it happened that superpowers of the time conquered other nations, or barbarians overran decadent nations. However it has never happened before that formal super powers (the contemporary West) self liquidate their own nations by means of replacement migration (the UN plan), i.e. replacement of their own people with the most unfitting foreigners ever - islamic piranhas. "History in the making"...