A Summary of Talk Points on the Traditional Marriage

(after the June 26, 2015 shameful ruling of the Supreme Court)

The hard left has been relentless in advancing the cause of so-called "g-ys." There was never any electoral advantage in this, because homosexuals represent perhaps only 0.5% of the population ­ a numerically insignificant fraction. The advantage was purely political: Destroying the family would lead to destroying of the hated West.
Lord Monckton


          On June 26, 2015 the US Supreme Court dishonored itself with yet one more unconstitutional illogical immoral ruling, adjudicating on an issue not enumerated as being in the Federal jurisdiction (thus belonging to the States); On an issue considered only in jurisdiction of God for several millennia. In the words of David Limbaugh, the court flouted the Constitution, the rule of law, the English language and the truth itself.


          "What really astounds is the hubris reflected in today's judicial Putsch. The five Justices who compose today's majority are entirely comfortable concluding that every State violated the Constitution for all of the 135 years between the 14th Amendment's ratification and Massachusetts' permitting of same-sex marriages in 2003", wrote Justice Scalia in his dissenting opinion.


          However this grotesque blatantly unconstitutional ruling was merely one of many pre-programmed steps in a long chain of attacks on civilization by sexually obsessed perverts during more than 50 years (see the links below). There will be no end to this assault (until the Last Days). To see what is ahead, look no farther than Sweden or Norway... This ruling necessitates secession of the States and ending of this sinful null and void Union more than ever.

          Humans have always sinned, yet they at least knew that they sinned and did not boast about it. These days however not only do homosexuals "celebrate" their vice as though a virtue, but the Supreme Court dared to legalize this vice into the virtue in defiance of God, and in spite of the fate of such evildoers in Sodom and Gomorrah. The line was crossed, and this nation will be judged too (Rabbi Mizrachi).

Points of the polemic           

Bother your neighbor!
(From homosexual "bible")


         "Hey, breeders! We have not voted for your marriage. Why are you to vote for ours? Equality for all"  –  say homosexual agitators.

         Well, the concept of marriage has been established by God, rather than by voting, yet it is not a convincing argument for homosexuals indeed. After all, who is God but a racist and homophobic bigot? He ought to be sent to diversity training before assuming the position. Who allowed Him to discriminate and violate our "constitutional right of equal protection"?




          1) The meaning of a word marriage originated earlier than any constitution. This term is already occupied. If one doesn't like its meaning, one can introduce another term for another meaning. In fact, such a term (called domestic partnership) already exists in California.


          2) Marriage has never been a right, but rather a privilege granted by the state and/or the respective religious institutions. It has been granted to qualified (not all!) couples of opposite sex in accordance with the millennia long tradition and in the best interests of the society to encourage the procreation in the frame of the traditional family. Only the traditional family of a mother and a father provides the best environment for kids.


          Even if the marriage were a civil right:


          3) Does the traditional marriage treat homosexuals unequally? All qualified citizens can marry a person of the opposite sex. Homosexuals can marry a person of the opposite sex too. This is "Equality for all". However homosexuals demand something that others do not have: namely to "marry" a person of the same sex. Who then demand unequal treatment?


          4) By no means can the "right" of "same sex marriage" be derived from the Constitution of the United States or the Constitutions of the States. In fact, at the time when those Constitutions were enacted (150-230 years ago and up to just 50 years ago), even a covert homosexual cohabitation was generally understood as a crime punishable by imprisonment or worse. It is ludicrous to refer to the Constitutions in order to legalize something considered self evidently abominable and criminal in that time.


          5) Homosexuals claim to be victims of discrimination based on "bigotry and prejudice" similar to those, taking place against the blacks, Irish, or Jews in the past. They equate refusal of recognition of homosexual "marriage" to the prohibition of inter-racial marriages existing before the 1950s in some states. This comparison however insults the blacks, attempting to equate race or ethnicity to a vice or illness. Vice or illness: this is exactly how the majority of people perceive homosexual cohabitation, referred in the Bible as abomination. Every person of color would say: You do not dare to equate your vice with my race! Moreover, this comparison also confuses the notions. The definition of marriage has nothing to do with race or ethnicity but has everything to do with the opposite sexes.


          6) The great majority of the population considers homosexual cohabitation as a vice, tolerable in privacy of homes, but not entitled to any social approval or benefits (which in fact do exist in some states, but not in 36 other states).

          7)  The homosexual Mafia had screwed the medical nomenclature to reclassify the homosexuality from an illness into the so called "variant of norm" –  the logic be damned. Thus...

          - Infertility (a condition preventing procreation) is still an illness. People wish to cure it, and they definitely do not celebrate it. Yet ...

          - Homosexuality (a condition preventing procreation) is a "variant of norm" to be celebrated. Those who cure it and those who were cured from it are cursed and silenced! Are homosexual proclivities their free choice? Or
an anomaly and illness which may be cured? "Neither of the two! Don't dare to cure us! We are a variant of norm!" – claim homosexuals. But how can a condition preventing procreation be a norm for any living thing? Not to mention that HIV and a few other severe illnesses (including incontinence of anus) are proper to and spread exactly by homosexuals, but who cares about logic?! The homosexual fascism has consumed the West so much, that now less than 2% of perverts (the CDC data) hardly getting out of their closets, want to push the 98% of the sane population into closets instead! This is a fulfillment of the Agenda 1958  and Manifesto!

          8) Why do they wish to normalize (and celebrate!) exactly homosexual anomaly of all others? And there are many.  Some individuals (called transabled) feel "sexual arousal" at a desire to have an amputation, though "doctors" so far are reluctant to "meet their needs". As to the trans-sexuals, compliant "doctors" already amputate their functioning genitalia replacing it with dysfunctional prostheses.

         Others yet are sexually attracted to animals (bestiality), or to dead corps (necrophilia), or to feces (coprophilia), or to underaged (pedophilia). There exist (alas) many genetic anomalies or birth defects such as Siamese twins. Are we to pronounce them all as "variants of norm" to be celebrated too? 

          9) The homosexuals aggressively misuse the word "love". However what they call "love" is merely a perverse lust, a lust for a perverse copulation. What they are speaking about is not called "love" even in heterosexual relationship. The love is the romantic attraction between a man and a woman, where the lust is just one of components in the very complex relationship. Why does nobody point it out to homosexuals at arrogant misuse and desecration of the highest human feeling such as love?!  


          10) Exposure of kids in preschools and elementary schools to any kind of sexual "education" is defilement, particularly vicious in a case of perverted sexual practices. In the middle and high schools, attempts to present homosexual cohabitation as though a variant of the norm amount to defilement and depravation too. Kids adopted by homosexuals are at higher risk of acquiring this so called "variant of norm", which in fact is an abominable anomaly. This reproduction of the anomaly is happening right now, and it will become unstoppable, like it happens in Sweden or Norway. If nothing else, at least save our kids!


          If the recent "judicial decision" redefining the marriage remains in effect, it will add even more "legitimacy" to the homosexual lobby and will encourage them to push homosexuality even more brazenly in all spheres imaginable: from military, to schools, to kindergartens.   


The goals of homosexual activists are:



          People of faith of whichever level of observance! Please bear in mind:


Endorsement of homosexuality is incompatible with Judaism,


Incompatible with Christianity,


Incompatible with Natural law, common sense, and decency.


It defiles your kids, and means a suicide of the nation!

We must never accept homosexuality: NEVER!


S e c e s s i o n!   S e c e s s i o n!   S e c e s s i o n!


Alexander Gofen


See item 26 in "Agenda" uncovered in "The naked Communist" by Skousen in 1958:  http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org/TheNakedCommunistAgenda.htm

See the Manifesto in "After the Ball" by Kirk and Madsen (both homosexuals) in 1990.

The "Manifesto" and the entire sodomites' agenda were also well covered in the book "Same-sex marriage: Putting every household at risk" By Mathew Staver (2004), and in "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian (2005). See video
"Manifesto"   http://www.wnd.com/wnd_video/the-homosexual-manifesto/

This is not the end!http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/lgbt-activists-marriage-was-never-the-end-game/


http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org/Platform.htm  Items 18, 19


This prophetic farce "Overton Window" was written about cannibalism, but hey... Here come "transabled":  http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/prof-doctors-should-amputate-healthy-limbs/ . At my first reading I was sure that this story is a brilliant farce, a masterpiece of sarcasm and grotesque, written to ridicule transies and other sexual deviants. 

Well, it is a grotesque, but alas, true. Follow this quote:

"Apotemnophilia (or "stump play") is sexual arousal based on the image or fantasy of one's self as an amputee. It can be associated with Body integrity identity disorder (BIID) [or being transabled] in which otherwise sane and rational individuals express a strong and specific desire for the amputation of a healthy limb or limbs (Wikipedia)."

We live through the age of emergence of the worst sexually obsessed troublemakers from sewer, yet they are "assisted" and promoted by profiteering "scientists and doctors" from hell.  


http://businessmsk.livejournal.com/609030.html (in Russian): or Welcome ... coprophilia!.. For kids!

http://m.newnownext.com/yall-can-go-home-this-8-year-old-boy-won-nyc-pride/06/2015/    (changed)


An open letter to European Union Representative, Thomas Hammarberg... Equating practices of sexual perversion with the representatives of religious and ethnic minorities of any country, including, in recent years, the United States and Western Europe, is an artificial, deliberately imposed ideology that has nothing to do with the age-old rules of life that are common to human society.

This article was posted at an anti-Semitic site, however it reports a real fact: the fact about two lesbians which adopted a boy and defiled him. Indeed, things like that happen not only with lesbians of Jewish ethnicity being approved of by a "rabbi" from hell. However reality of such facts among ethnic by origin "Jews" must be particular troubling for spiritual Jews whose good name is discredited by this scum.