Re: My reply
to the article

More on anti-Zionism

Thank you for reading my article and taking efforts to reply. I am writing this to those of you which disapproved my article for various reasons (or feelings).

I objected Mr. Baldwin's article solely because of his loud and proud anti-Zionism.

Anti-Zionism singles out one particular people (of all), denies their right for having a national home, and even curses their political movement (Zionism) for daring to have the national home.

Israel and
Israelites are the only nation and people on this planet whose right for existence is questioned!

Please mind you: in my objections to Mr. Baldwin I didn't complain about anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism saddens me, but I do not deny anybody's right to dislike some entire people for their ethnicity or religion (as far as such feelings stay in a bay of civility).
Nor was my article to settle any religious differences or libels.  It's your own business.

However it is a gross injustice bordering with savagery to deny Jews (only Jews!) their right for national home, and to demean Zionism as though anything less than Frenchism or Germanism, or worse: to present Zionism as something negative!

In so doing some of you are not even embarrassed that you borrow your anti-Zionist arguments from Soviet Politburo!

And you are not embarrassed that you borrow your anti-Zionist arguments from ... the NWO! Yes, from those very NWO and the former USSR for which you blame the Jews! Don't understand how?

The most visible and tangible organizations created by the NWO are the United Nations and the European Union indeed, the organizations which we (conservatives) obviously dislike. Yet exactly these two organizations are the main promoters of anti-Zionism (and the UN being
mostly preoccupied with it). You are in a "good company", aren't you?  

OK, you dislike Jews. You may even wish to encourage Jews to leave. After all, any nation X belongs to people X. I can admit that a Christian nation may wish to have less Jews and have nothing to do with Judaism. American Founding Fathers didn't think so, but you may. It's your right.

You may wish to have less Jews (yet in the same time more moslems). Sounds strange (or even suicidal) but hey, its your nation... Just let in even more moslems
and the Jews will get your hint beginning to pack up their belongings...

Then, if this is your wish, which sense does it make for you to de-legitimize and harm Israel? How are you going to rid of Jews if they have no place to go? Should I really develop this train of thoughts further?

But again, thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts with me.

Alexander Gofen

Rebuttal for some arguments of anti-Zionists

1) You grossly misuse the term Zionism (meaning whichever you dislike), and you speak loosely about Jews in general not distinguishing religious from merely ethnic Jews, trying to trace down Jewish ethnicity in participants of many nefarious affairs in this world. I wonder would you do the same, trying to trace other ethnicities in affairs that you dislike? Would you trace say Irish, or say Italians for something? Say, would it come to your mind to blame Italians for Mussolini, or for the founder of neo-Marxism Gromsky, or even ... dare I to say ... for execution of Jesus by the Romans, and for terrible martyrdom of Christians in Roman circuses? 

Yet your compilations are a mixture of some facts, tales, and libels against one particular people traced down by their ethnic roots, whom you single out and blame as solely responsible for Communism, the New World Order (NWO), and similar... Let's take a look closer.  

2) You claim as though "Zionist brought us Communism and are the driving force behind the NWO".

I happened to know something about the NWO
see my outline. The NWO was founded by Cecil Rhodes and further evolved led by many various peoples. Though some presence of Jews is visible also there, it is not a Jewish (much less a Zionist!) enterprise. In fact, in the modern times, the NWO and its main creatures such as the UN and European Union are vehemently anti-Zionist. 

3) Now about "Jewish Bolshevik revolution" in Russia and the hell that followed. This is a "well developed field" of Russian vile anti-Semites, attempting to shift the blame for 70 years of communist hell in the former USSR exclusively on Jews (never more than some 2% of the citizenry). Of those 2% then in 1917 the most were extremely poor, politically illiterate, and inactive, living only in the designated areas far away from big cities. Those folks became an easy victims of pogroms from both Red and Whites during the Civil war. 

Yes, at the very beginning there was a visibly disproportional number of top Bolsheviks of ethnic Jewish origin, having nothing to do with Zionism. The goal of Zionism was restoration of the state of Israel on the historic homeland
something totally antithetical to Bolshevism, which ignored ethnic (and national) allegiances replacing them with the allegiance to the world proletarians. Bolsheviks despised and fought both secular Zionists and religious Jews. Religious Jews were antithetical to Socialism because Socialism is antithetical to Torah. Only secular Jews (deprived of any cultural or religious roots) were allowed to survive in the USSR then.

However already before the WWII Stalin began purging those "Jews" from all positions of power. In the 1950s Stalin set a kangaroo trials against the so called "cosmopolitan" Jews which had changed their names eager to assimilate and bland in. After that, Stalin arranged persecution of prominent Jewish doctors, and in 1953 he planned a huge action of total deportation of all Jews of the USSR to their sure death in far damned corners of the GULAG. Only a death of the tyrant prevented realization of this horrifying plan.

After Stalin not only the Soviets kept the policy of "affirmative actions" against Jews of the USSR, but they also were the main supplier of arms and the "designer" of the so called "Palestinian liberation organization" (PLO) training Arafat and his terrorists. It was Soviets which introduced the disparaging usage of the term Zionism (equating it with fascism). Even for Nazis (before the 1940s) the term Zionism did not have negative connotation. Before the "Final solution" they considered possibilities to deport all Jews into their historic homeland (then called Palestine).