Dear Mr. President,

Since the open letter of 2016-2017 [1], I was not going to address you any more, because everything else pales in comparison with your failure to expose the 2008-2016 imposture by Obama/Soetoro [2]:
the enormous crime still unacknowledged, whose perpetrators (the entire US government and all parties) remain in power!

Here is however what prompted me recently to write this new letter.

I have always been frustrated and disgusted with
dhimmitude of America toward Islam – which includes, alas, your own Ramadan messages [3]: as inappropriate as if you issued greetings to Stalin or Hitler.

Yet America suffers also
a sort of dhimmitude toward the Latino illegals expressed in a vast official use of Spanish in governmental and business communication. What else is it if not bending back before one particular group of illegal (or legal) immigrants, when the receiving nation submits to the language of newcomers voluntarily: not being conquered by a military force?!

Until recently I supposed that this kind of banding back was mostly an initiative of corrupted and treasonous State authorities like that in California, pandering before the invaders, enforcing sanctuary cities and protected status for them.  

However just a couple of months ago, when I happened to renew my passport in the US Department of State, I was near shocked that they, the Federal agency, also offered services in Spanish! American passports issued within America
yet via communication in Spanish! And this agency is under your direct supervision! I wrote them a letter of indignation – yet never heard back from them.

And here comes the final drop – your own letter from the White House (attached) to a friend of mine concerning arrival of the Economic Impact Payment –  also written both in English and in Spanish!

Has the legislature ever passed a law declaring this nation bi-lingual?

Which referendum has designated Spanish as a second language in the US?! 

Yet you, the President, by your actions, without any law or national referendum, are approving of this nation becoming bi-lingual! It's unconstitutional! It's abetting and pandering to the enemy! How does it go together with your slogan "America – first" if America submits to speaking a foreign language never used in America before?

I came from Russia as a thankful immigrant 27 years ago never expecting that languages of any newcomers may become an official language of the receiving nation! Unheard of! Disgusting! Humiliating!

And your approval of America turning bilingual is not my only concern. I am also disgusted that America turned into a sodomite and hermaphroditic (transsexual) nation, promoting these "feats" in the outside world via the same Department of State: on your watch. What a "mission" of the "Beacon of the world"...

Alexander Gofen,  May 2020