Enact your 2018 Executive order!

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing this letter to you (the fourth one [1]) under impression of the thoughts by General Thomas McInerney [2] who spoke exactly my mind. 

The General is absolutely correct! We are already in a preliminary state of war. You as the President must immediately invoke your Executive Order 13848 of September 12, 2018, and establish a special tribunal including Gen. McInerney, Attorney Sidney Powell (and also Orly Taitz). The GOP is not your party and has never been (we had warned you about it [1]). The Justice Department and FBI are accomplices of the election coup. That is why you have to establish such a tribunal immediately
because there is nobody else to deal with the tones of evidence on this election coup which are already gathered!

It's grotesque that you, the President, so far are trying to rectify the nationally coordinated election fraud filing civil cases
as if it were solely your personal matter! As of this date (12/01/2020) you are still waiting for justice from the Supreme Court (not even being sure if they would here the case in merits).

Yet it is the issue of the integrity of the national election! This massive election fraud affects not only your further presidency, but also tens of other candidates
victims of the same fraud. Who would deliver justice for them?! The Justice Department and FBI are parts of the coup, therefore again, you have no choice but to establish a special tribunal in the frame of your 2018 Executive order.

Those who call "Trump 2024: We'll get them next time" are enemy provocateurs, because there will be no "next time"! The treason which is running right now must be addressed right now, stopped, and acted upon! It's your sacred duty before the Founders, before near 80 millions of your constituents, thousands of witnesses, whistle blowers, and attorneys which came to your aid.

Patriotic America (and you) must learn your lesson at least as late as now!
I and my family beg you to enact your 2018 Executive order immediately and to enlist us as your volunteers.

Alexander Gofen,  December 2020