A Polemic


USMC 64-68 : The Democrat Party is America's greatest enemy par none!


Alexander Gofen : Par none? Par Repoops!

1)      Does the Repoops not have globalists sabotaging Trump exactly for his anti-globalism?

2)      Aren't Repoops also guilty in the 2008-2016 coup of the imposture by some Obama – by never exposing his imposture and fraud, and by promoting an impostor and traitor McCain in 2008, and 4 more impostores in 2016?

3)      Have Repoops ever demanded to save and return back the abandoned POWs, and the to expose McCain and Kerry for traitors they were?

4)      Have Repoops ever even whispered a goal to make America straight again outlawing homosexuality? Or do you think that God will forever remain mocked?

5)      Have Repoops ever even whispered to return to the gold backing of our currency as the Constitution requires?

What? You have already forgotten all these?


Every "victory" of the liberasty stays here forever without any opposition or attempts to retake anything back. Both "parties" are sham, where the Repoops' play a role of a decoy.


USMC 64-68  : I don't know why you're asking me to defend the Republican Party – I left it many years ago.


Alexander Gofen  : I do not ask you to "defend the Republican Party" at all. I just pointed out that both "parties" are enemies (rather than one).


USMC 64-68  First, every one of your enumerated sentences came to me as a question – If you wanted to point out that both parties are enemies of America you should have just tried to make your unsustainable argument.


There are innumerable issues with Republicans, but they have not, as a party, rejected the foundation of America, committed themselves to the anti-American ideology of Marxism and dedicated themselves to subverting America to establish a Socialist State – as the Democrats have done.


Alexander Gofen  : Why do you call the list of issues above "unsustainable"?! It's a rather incomplete list of various fundamental betrayals of the Constitution; the issues which you call "unsustainable" – because you (as many others) already consider as "victories" of the "progressives" to stay with us forever and never be retaken back; Never retaken back because we have no opposition party which would at least formulate the goal of retaking them back. The Repoops are not an opposition in a real sense! And we the sheeple have simply forgotten all those old betrayals accepting them as a new norm.


Yes, the Repoops are conditioned to be a decoy, a vent of pressure, lagging behind the Dems in the same direction, bitten by them as though the real opposition.


Was it not rejection of the foundation of America by Repoops their promotion of own impostors and acceptance of the impostor from Dems during 8 years? Have they ever dared to declare that they will never allow islam in America; never allow legalized sodomy, the second language (Spanish) being used de facto without any legislations?! No such things: just playing a very soft controlled semblance of opposition.


As Johnny Eugene Stewart put it "The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: Democrats have accepted some ideas of socialism cheerfully, while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly." (1962)


USMC 64-68 :  I'll break off with you – I refuse to debate those who rely on dishonest tactics and have a hobby horse to ride that I've already dismissed.


End of this thread.

Alexander Gofen opened a new thread.

Here is a post by USMC 64-68 which is so telling in itself. He wrote:


"I refuse to debate those who rely on dishonest tactics and have a hobby horse to ride that I've already dismissed."


This means the following.


1)      My attempts to always keep on the table the 2008-2016 imposture by Obama, never acknowledged, nor prosecuted up to this moment is merely my obsession or hobby horse, which...

2)      He has already dismissed. And the GOP has dismissed. And entire unrepentant America has dismissed... Therefore...

3)      In order to demonstrate, that I am obsessed not only with one "hobby horse" (the imposture), I brought a rather incomplete list of other gross violations of the law and Constitution also forgotten and dismissed by GOP and this sinful unrepentant nation. He called it a "dishonest tactic". That is, to have some memory and ability to add 2+2 is a dishonest tactic. Isn't it telling?


USMC 64-68  (appeared also here to reply to Alexander Gofen) : No Skippy1 – I meant just what I said you've demonstrated that you're dishonest and have a hobby horse that you want to try to force me to engage you on. That you can't take that and move on reveals the validity in my dismissing your bogus agenda.


Now, shove off clown.


Alexander Gofen : What did I lie? What is bogus in my "agenda" (in the numbered list of the "forgotten" crimes of the US government)? 

He specifically brought the fact that I can't take the imposture and move on (like the rest of America does), and that is why my position reveals the validity in his dismissing of my bogus agenda.


USMC 64-68 : Do you not understand "shove off? You're acting like a stalker.


Alexander Gofen : Why should I obey your rude demands? This thread (and this space) is not personally yours. If you have nothing to say on the issues, post nothing.


USMC 64-68 : "Why should I obey your rude demands?" That's what the stalker said which led to filing a police complaint.


I'll post where and when I please – I have a lot to say on the issues "I CHOOSE" – not the ones you try to force me to respond to. Similarly, I choose not to interact with dishonest people like you.


Now, you're demonstrating a real spectrum of issues - go away and get some help.


1 Skippy: Any misguided individual who is in blatant denial and/or so completely deluded as to be completely beyond reasoning with. Sometimes used to address just any hapless individual.