Still Evil

This article clarifies why the contemporary Russia may be justifiably characterized still as an Evil Empire, inheriting this "title" from her predecessor USSR – though with a few differences. The main difference is in the color of the imperialism.

The USSR was a strictly ideological nation, whose imperialistic actions took place under the slogan "Proletarians of the world: unite!" so that the imperialism of the USSR took form of spreading the Socialism in the world.

On the contrary, the contemporary Russia formally dropped  the ideology of Socialism becoming a klepto-autocracy. Russia still adheres to imperialism, but under a different color: the color of imagined greatness of the former Russian empire and its particular spiritual mission.

Here is why the contemporary Russia is still an empire and the evil one at that.

  1. The Russian government and Putin explicitly declared that the goal of Russia is to restore the former Soviet empire and possibly wider (up to the borders of the Tsarists Russia) – against the will of now independent nations, which seceded from the USSR at the first opportunity in 1991. It's worse noting that the Constitution of the USSR explicitly admitted the right of all its republics for any level of autonomy up to secession, so that in the 1991 the former Soviet republics merely exercised their constitutional right. Not good: it upset Russia so much, that...
  2. Russia's propaganda treats the collapse of the USSR (the evil empire) in 1991 as a greatest disaster (sic!) of the 20th century! Russia longs for the former empire!
  3. Russia longs for the former empire of evil so much that it has set a goal to grab back all the break-out republics by subversion and military force.
  4. Russia deserves to inherit  the same title of the Evil Empire (of the former USSR) also because Russia refused to repent about the entire horrible past of the USSR even after the Perestroika (a sudden liberation coming with Gorbachev). It must be noted that after Stalin dropped dead in 1953, in the end of the 1950s the CPSU under Krushchev unexpectedly decided to (partially) repent about Stalinism (something unthinkable for such notoriously immoral and cynical people as Bolsheviks). The short epoch of the so called Thaw followed the 20th and 22th Congresses of the CPSU. However the contemporary Russian ideologues and the government under Putin curse Krushchev for damaging the image of Stalin and the USSR, just as they curse Gorbachev!
  5. They have reached the bottom of baseness in their whitewashing of the terrible past of Russia: now they glorify even such a monster as the tzar Ivan IV (the Terrible), erecting a monument to him [1] (something that was unthinkable even during the Russian tzars).
  6. In their imperialistic obsession now they believe that ...
  • Russia has the right of going to war against independent nations which Russia doesn't like for whichever reason. In particular...

  • Russia has the right of going to war against independent nations to "protect" a minority of ethnic Russians there, and to annex the area where that minority lives compactly. At that...

  • the entire world conspired to destroy or damage Russia;

  • NATO is an aggressive block (just as the Soviet propaganda claimed); and...

  • it is OK to blackmail the world with nuclear war if it dares to get on the way of Russia (something that even the USSR had never dared to do).

  1. Here is a list of aggressive wars by USSR/Russia only in 20-21st centuries:
    • against Poland and Ukraine in 1918-1920 (during the civil war);
    • against Poland together with Hitler, in 1939, starting the WWII;
    • grabbing Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia in 1939;
    • against Finland in 1940;
    • against Hungary in 1956;
    • against Czechoslovakia in 1968;
    • against Afghanistan in the 1980s;
    • grabbing a part of Georgia in 2008;
    • grabbing parts of Ukraine: Donbass and Crimea in 2014;
    • an all-out war on entire Ukraine in 2022.

Therefore, Russia fully inherited the title of Empire of Evil.


1. See the pictures here ,   Власть тьмы  , and Позор и несчастье России