How is it possible?!

    Even in theory: How a newly emerged party can achieve before 2016 such an ambitious goal as the full exposure of the ineligibility crisis - against the enormous machine of the twin party oligarchy (including the media), and the indifference of the majority of the nation? How to prevail over such a huge powerful apparatus, which seems to be undestroyable?

   In a usual mode (of peaceful coexistence with other "parties" and electoral campaigns for winning 2 ¢) this goal is not attainable. In an emergency mode however it is attainable because of the following factors unique for this historic moment:

  Those who fear even to touch the ineligibility crisis limiting their goals only with the smaller issues are actually losing the only opportunity of finding the way out. Here is why.

  Any other "conventional" third party is futile in this system (see FAQ). The whole idea is that this party must abruptly become the first. The full exposure of the existing parties and their double treason is so damning, that they must be swept away, destroyed completely because of the huge wave of indignation. This wave must be created, picked and used to destroy the criminal parties, prompting mass migration of the grass roots into the Judeo-Christian America. It is doable: In every of thousands of (unguarded) local chapters, whose nomenclatura chairs must be thrown threw the window, and the grass root massively convert into the Judeo-Christian America party.

  If we lose this late chance (after already 6 lost despicable years), we will lose the last and the only chance to save the dignity and future of America. If we do not create this wave now, we therefore allow the criminal cabal to fix the era of usurpation in stone and turn it into an insignificant nuisance akin to that with president Arthur in the end of the 1800s: Forever! FOREVER America will remain in history with soiled pants as no other nation in the world! If we miss the last chance to build the wave of righteous indignation now and to ride it on and on, it's all over, as it was designed to be - see the comparative analysis.

  Instead of a conventional empty partisan rhetoric, here must come a fierce exposure campaign with the goals to undermine, expose and destroy the twin party duopoly and the other treasonous parties. In order to do that, we have to achieve such a critical amount in making a "noise" that the Truth finally rings, setting other dormant processes into motion - and there is
such a precedent in the recent history!

In the former USSR there was GLASNOST  i.e. the freedom of speech in the early 1990s during an unexpected emergence of freedom under Michael Gorbachev. Then in the USSR, GLASNOST exploded so fast, that all of a sudden no topic was taboo any more. The ugly truth about the recent and long past of that nation swept away the Communist Party of the USSR. A critical amount of the "noise" was achieved so that the Truth did ring and set the people free: Literally. Their experience must set an example for us.

Let's take a closer look at some crucial factors.

   1. The pyramidal structure of parties. Their higher echelons are comprised entirely from "nomenclatura" (the cadre of indoctrinated ideologues). However at the grass root level there are still a plenty of people which are concerned and ashamed of the fact that this nation is under illegal governance and still cannot topple an Unidentified Foreign Operative in the White House. Such people must exist at the grass root of the Republican party, and also among the smaller fish such as the Conservative, Constitution, Libertarian parties. Unlike the top brass of the RNC which is guarded by security, at the grass root level there is nothing which prevents an access and removal of the nomenclature chairs of chapters
in order to replace them with the Judeo-Christian activists. The activists can convince the majority of every chapter to massively migrate into the Judeo-Christian America Party, immediately cutting any support to their former treasonous parties. At the grass root level, this grass fire can spread to other chapters, so that the old party pyramid collapses, while the Judeo-Christian America builds its own pyramid.

   At this stage people must realize, that their primary goal is not to gain 2 ¢ in the nearest election: There is nothing to gain and nobody to elect anyway. Destroying the parties guilty in the entire crisis and paralysis of the nation becomes a goal in itself, a precondition for moving ahead to a recovery.

   2. In the historic past, in the last decade of the Russian Empire before the Bolshevik coup of 1917, the activists from Socialists and Bolsheviks outreached the Army barracks and numerous civil organizations in order to agitate and undermine those organizations. We too must follow the same approach and widely inform people
except that our weapon is the Truth, and our goal is the opposite: To restore the Constitution, to make the truth ring, and the Justice to prevail. These days, even with the major media taken by the enemy, we still have the Internet helping to reach millions of people. 

   3. During all these ugly years, the entire mass media maintained taboo and disinformation about any aspect of the illegitimacy crisis: So much so, that the truth was made irrelevant, and thousands of people willingly comply in maintaining this taboo
in a nation still having the freedom of speech! However the success of such a voluntary taboo is a matter of a critical mass. In pursuing the Item 1, the number of people making revolution at local chapters will grow, and the number of rebellious chapters will also grow causing a collapse of the old party pyramids. To keep the taboo further will become less and less possible. The Truth will finally explode triggering wide discussions in the nation. The Judeo-Christian America then will appear as the party which brought this Truth fore, leading to the recovery from the 100 years long crisis.

   4. Moreover, the Judeo-Christian America then will emerge as the only party which brings back and addresses all the crucial issues of survival of the nation, which were completely removed from the circulation during the 100 years long "progressive retrofit", and which neither of the old parties dared to touch. On ruins of the old treasonous parties the Judeo-Christian America has a potential to make a huge impact. Conservatives know that the Repoobs hardly differ from Dems, both being guilty in the long list of crimes. The conservatives who appreciate our Platform clearly realize that the Repoobs would never touch most of the issues in it. The Judeo-Christian America therefore remains the only place to migrate for everyone who wants to reanimate the "dead" issues of survival back to life.  

   5. In this ineligibility crisis, the role of the US Military is particularly deplorable. Except of only 3 active duty officers, the entire Military was and still is in violation of their oath to uphold the Constitution. Instead, the Military upheld a grotesquely illegal Unidentified Foreign Operative as their Commander-in-Thief. The high ranking generals cave in to the usurper so much that they quietly agree to be fired by him without a shot fired, just silently going into darkness. However, that may change. 

   6. Whichever way this unprecedented crisis evolves, in order that the way be right and lead to the restoration of the Constitution, the nation needs a leading party: A party seeing the big picture and pointing the way out. And this is exactly the mission of the Judeo-Christian America.