When it takes a muslim to speak out the truth to America


It is a right thing indeed to denounce islamic agencies like CAIR in America. However the line of defense of liberty and exposure of CAIR chosen by Mr. Joe Kaufman [1] is bordering with idiocy.


I would be the last person to suspect me in any sympathy to islam, yet the imam denouncing homosexuality is right and consistent, doing exactly what islam instructs him to do – while Jews and Christians of America on the contrary, do not do what their religion instructs them to. That is why the entire reasoning of Mr. Kaufman is so farcical.


True, a capital punishment is not what we call to or practice today for this and a few other transgressions mentioned in the Bible. However a public denouncement of the sin and abomination of sodomy is a must for any religious or secular moral person. It's grotesque to blame that imam for speaking out the truth! There are many other ugly things in islam which must be blamed. The very presence of islam in America is wrong. And…


Alexander Gofen

 1. https://frontpagemag.com/fpm/272404/cair-hypocrite-participates-event-moderated-anti-joe-kaufman