The Battle Cry of America
For the tune of the cabaletta of Manrico from Il Trovatore (The Troubadour) by G. Verdi

Play the aria from one of these links below in a separte window
keeping the lyrics in front of you 
(properly repeated twice)  



and sing along following the updated text:

Wake up America
Confront the challenge
Nation is taken
By ugly foe.

Foe in the White House
Foes in the Congress
Foes in the media –
We are at war!

     Fraud walks unchallenged
     Gloried by lackeys,
     Shreds Constitution,
     Welcomes Islam.

Rise up America
Topple the impostor,
Save the Republic
While we have time!

     It is the time!
     It is the time!
     Alarm! Alarm!
     Wake up, it is the time!
Listen up America,
Who over-powered you,
Lefts and progressives
Crowded your home.  

Hundred years brainwash,
Instincts of baseness,
All came together
As perfect storm.

    Concepts eroded,
    Beyond repair,
    Moochers exploded
    Sinking the ship.

Wake up America
Out of complacency.
Time is expiring.
No more retreat.

     It is the time!
     It is the time!
     Alarm! Alarm!
     Wake up, it is the time!


Get up, get up,
And rise up to arms
Get up, stand up,
Be ready to fight!
We will defend our land
Our life, our freedom – yes!