Will the deception by pastor Baldwin ever finish?..(*)

I have already written against the loud and proud anti-Zionism of pastor Baldwin earlier [1], and then additionally here [2] . Rabbi Shifren has just done it too [3].  

It wouldn't be worth of writing again about anti-whichever of pastor Baldwin in hopes to change his views. He is entitled to his views. 

Though pastor Baldwin disassociates himself from being against some entire people (Jews), there is no need for excuses. Anti-Semitism in people saddens me, but I acknowledge their right to be such. I would not blame Pastor Baldwin for anti-Semitism (whether he has it or not)  because he is entitled for it: no questions asked. 

However pastor Baldwin is not entitled for his own use (and abuse!) of the language, and for deception of the readership by misapplying the words with a goal to demean or insult whichever pastor Baldwin dislikes. What really outrages me is his persistent abuse of the words "Zionism" and "Talmud".

1) Zionism is merely one case of nationalism, one case of the formula Nation X belongs to people X, when X = Jews, period. Nothing less, nothing more. This is a secular definition. Zionism is also a religious idea in Judaism - a promise by God of the land of Israel for Jews. For this discussion however just the secular meaning suffices.  

Instead, pastor Baldwin singles out particularly this type of nationalism as though a root of all evils. Pastor Baldwin is even unashamed to misuse the term exactly in the way which the Soviet politburo did then, and the United Nations, European Union and other NWO creatures do now. (Pastor Baldwin hates NWO and globalism, but logic be damned).

2) Pastor Baldwin dares to demean Talmud and Talmudism. I am not a scholar of Talmud at all. What I know, Talmud is a collection of Torah's studies and interpretations during millennia by human beings, intended for the followers of Judaism. I can assume that some of the authors which contributed to Talmud could err (as humans do). However Talmud has nothing to do whatsoever with NWO, socialism, sodomy, abortions, and other new and old aberrations of humanity, as pastor Baldwin alleges. Nor did Talmud call to proselytize Judaism by any means (never mind jihad). 

Though in Christianity there is no one particular collection of all written works under one title (like Talmud), the actual collection of those works written by human authors during two millennia of Christianity is immense. Do you approve all of them, pastor Baldwin? Among those human works there were slurs and terrible libels against Jews (leading to tortures and horrendous executions). There was such a treaties as Malleus Maleficarum (Latin for "The Hammer of Witches") - a "user manual" of horrendous tortures for extracting "confessions" in heresy or witchcraft. Do you know anything similar in Talmud, pastor Baldwin? What about a beam in your own eye?! 

Though I agree, that contemporary Israel is sinful indeed (particularly in pederasty and liberasty), how is it better in our nation, pastor Baldwin?! What about a beam in our own eye?!    

I am all for the freedom of speech for every writer. I do not encourage censorship of ideas. However I would welcome if the editors require and impose some standards in usage of the common words and terms for all authors. Blame and denounce whichever you dislike, but accurately use the appropriate words for your ideas! Do not use oxymoron like "Talmudists are practicing atheists". Talmudists are scholars practicing Judaism and studying Talmud. (And I do not even go to rebuffing other claims of the recent pastor Baldwin's article). 

Alexander Gofen 

(*) http://www.newswithviews.com/baldwin/baldwin947.htm 
[2] http://judeochristianamerica.org/MoreOnAntiZionism.htm 
[3] http://newswithviews.com/Shifren/nachum121.htm