A New Global War Is Imminent
(because islam was "rescued" from irrelevance)     

By Alexander Gofen


"So long as there is this accursed book [Koran], there will be no peace in the world."
William Ewart Gladstone (1809-1898)

Any mosque in Europe is more dangerous than a nuclear plant...
An islimized muslim child is a timed bomb against little European children...
Father Samuel, Charles Clement Boniface Ozdemir

With money comes influence. When people have influence, you cannot call out the problems.
William Murray

1. Materialistic basis. Economical and military reasons.

            1.1. Unsolvable global economical conflict: world resources of crude oil

            1.2. Superiority on one side: enough for triggering a war ("diplomacy by other means")

            1.3. Proliferation of nuclear weapons into Islamic world: Pakistan, Iran.

            1.4. Enemy reinvestment into the West


2. Social/spiritual catastrophe in Eurabia and the Western world.

            2.1. Islam as a "peaceful" invader

            2.2. Impossible social programs and benefits

            2.3. Westerners entering into a "Post-Christian" epoch

            2.4. Christianity on the run - even in its homelands.

            2.5. Unwillingness to procreate


3. The psychological reasons of our enemies 

            3.1. Unprecedented influx of money into the Middle East ("unearned capital"[6])

            3.2. Perceived weakness of the West

            3.3. Impossibility of insulation from the Western influences


4. Other big players

            4.1. Hostile Russia

            4.2. Indifferent (and Hostile) China
India in between   
Israel as a trigger and a pariah: approaching an apocalyptic war.       


5. The low intensity wars already in progress.


6. Unusually long "Peaceful" period.


7. Prediction of Sir Winston Churchill made in 1899!

8. The most spiritual reason for the war


            1. First - materialistic basis. Economical and military reasons.


            1.1. Unsolvable global economical conflict: world resources of crude oil mostly under the Middle Eastern Islamic (and some Socialist) countries.


            The Western world depends not only on energy generated at power plants. It more so depends on liquid fuel for cars and air transportation. In order to substitute this liquid fuel, a breakthrough in physics, a new type of battery is required, whose convenience and energy density could compare with that in oil products. This is so far beyond the scientific horizon, that it is not likely to happen in foreseeable future (the energy density in the best of batteries is about 100 times lower than in gasoline). Thus the entire world is pumping trillions into the Middle Eastern countries: in an estimate by Hugh Fitzgerald, some 11-12 trillion since 1973 alone that the Muslim states of OPEC have received. Indeed, they dictate the oil prices keeping the whole world economy as a hostage.

            Transferring to ethanol fuels (manufactured  from coal, natural gas) suggested by Dr. Robert Zubrin requires years, and it can compete with oil only at prices above $50 per barrel - still a lot of revenues for the enemy. "We are financing a war against ourselves, and the way things are going, we will soon be paying the enemy more than we are paying our own military", - Dr. Zubrin says. Only victorious war against the Middle Eastern countries can eliminate the permanent threat of the oil blackmail emanating from them. In previous epochs, such blackmail alone would be a more than sufficient reason for triggering a full scale war.

            The unique moment was missed after the tragic attack of the 9/11/2001 when Islam could be defeated with little blood spilled. Already on 9/12/2001 Mecca and Medina ought to be nuked, which would bring 1000 years of peace. Ought to be - if not the friendship picked at this photo (Bush lied, Saudis flied). 

            Also, in previous epochs it was understood, that not every trade with the neighbors is necessarily good, especially with those who are potential enemies. Buying huge amounts of the necessary resources from your enemy hugely empowers the enemy. Such a giant transfer of wealth enables the enemy to better arm itself and to wage its wars more successfully.

            Alas, now we are living in the time when this wrong paradigm dominates the minds: the paradigm as though trade - even the trade of strategic resources - is always the answer. Yet it is a suicidal answer because this trade in fact transfers the immense wealth to our deadly enemies like Islamic nations (or even

It is particularly tragic that now we are much farther from changing this paradigm than ever. In fact with the Islamic impostor in the White House and his entire clique we have mired much deeper into this suicidal paradigm than ever.


            1.2. In the past even a small superiority on one side was enough for triggering a war ("diplomacy by other means"). Nowadays the military superiority of the West over Islamic world is so immense, that it guarantees complete or selective annihilation of the Islamic enemy (if it were the goal) without any losses on our side. An imbalance of forces of such a magnitude has never existed before, and it can not last forever.

            However the West has not enough power to occupy, pacify, and rebuild the Islamic world (as
America did to the defeated enemies after the W.W.II). The West can not afford this paradigm of a humane war, when the victor must fully reconstruct the devastated enemy and establish freedom and democracy in that nation. A former Soviet dissident A. Shcharanski (now a minister in Israel) believed as though there is no nation in the world, which does not aspire to freedom. President G.W. Bush too believed that achieving freedom and prosperity in the currently hostile nations would greatly contribute to our security. This utopian thinking still dominates among the elite, and paralyzes the will to our survival.

            Also a full scale war is being postponed now due to unusual atmosphere of self deprecation, defeatism, and Marxism consuming the West, coinciding with several other reasons analyzed below. Yet the postponing will make this war only more terrible, when it finally explodes.    


            1.3. Proliferation of nuclear weapons into Islamic world: Pakistan, Iran. Who's next? The Pakistani ruler nearly escaped several assassinations. He is so weak, that the peripheral regions of the country are out of control, nesting Taliban, Al Qaida, and perhaps Bin Laden himself. Yet Pakistan is considered our ally in the war on "terror" (a euphemism for Islam): therefore it can not be invaded. To "undo" the proliferation and to rid of Al Qaida there is possible only if a full scale war emerges.


            1.4. Enemy reinvestment into the West. An unprecedented influx of oil money into Saudi Arabia and the Middle Eastern Islamic countries (see 1.1, 3.1) made possible their penetration into economies of the USA and other Western countries at unprecedented scale. They use their sudden financial power to feed not only terrorist Islam, but so called "legal" Islam[1] as well: both aiming to destroy the Western world. They buy businesses, establish Islamic institutions, foundations, lobbies and front groups (like CAIR) in entire Western world. They parasitize on its openness and political correctness. Best lawyers from ACLU (sometimes Jewish) help them (even pro bono) in undermining the law. Only a full scale war can give the Western countries a chance to undo this deadly economical and political grip.   


            2. Social/spiritual catastrophe in Eurabia and the Western world.


            2.1. Islam as a "peaceful" invader, invited by the hosts, already comprises up to 10% of population in some Western European locations. It is unprecedented in human history influx of hostile aliens (piranhas), who do not want to assimilate and will never do. They are external enemies delivered into hosts' home and turned into the internal enemies. Therefore necessity to expel at least 30 millions of these invaders is inevitable. So far it seems an absolute taboo in democratic societies. Only under conditions of war this dilemma perhaps may be resolved.


            2.2. Impossible social programs and benefits, low intensity work, socialism, and welfare (from cradle to grave) absolutely spoiled the countries of Western Europe. Their lowering birthrate adds to the impossibility to ever fulfill these programs. (Islamic immigrants do multiply, but they are rather clients of welfare). Indeed, no voluntary "undo" of entitlements is ever possible in any "democratic" society, unless a war emerges.


            2.3. Westerners entering into a "Post-Christian" epoch are running on remains of the spiritual traditions of the past[2]: remains diminishing with every new generation. As a result, Westerners reject their own culture while bending back to the culture of aliens (multi-minus-own-culturalism). Lack of confidence, self-destructive trend of the elites infected with socialism, together with unprecedented growth of treasonous Left, consume the West. Only by enacting martial laws it may be possible to eliminate ill patterned culture and to shut down treasonous activities . 


            2.4. Christianity on the run - even in its homelands. For example, Catholicism, still the most numerous (over one billion) organized denomination of the world, calling itself The Holly Sea, voluntarily concedes the ground to unorganized arrogant Islamic "guests" even in its homelands in the old Europe. France, once a favorite daughter of the Church, or Spain, both known as traditional strongholds of Catholicism, became socialist atheistic nations competing in cowardice under pressure of Islamic front groups. Even Italy, the home of Vatican, follows the same way of defeatism and humiliation. The Pope hardly dares even to whisper anything critical about Islam. The head of Anglican Church Archbishop of Canterbury and the British Royals (historically bearing the title "Defenders of Christian Faith"!) turned into Islamic sympathizers. Archbishop of Canterbury actually welcomes sharia law! Jens Orback, Democracy Minister in Swedish government says: "We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us." (He took it for granted that the natives will become a minority in their own country (!) and that they have no right to oppose this - see 2.5 below). Such a voluntary betrayal of one's own faith and nation is unknown in the history.


            Christianity got so lost that it "forgot" about their goal since the Crusades to liberate the sanctuaries where Jesus walked from islamic (now  - "Palestinian") presence, or at least to claim ownership and grant protection to Bethlehem, to the most sacred church of Christendom. After all, since restoration of Israel, these sacred places could be made Christian enclaves under protection of Israel (and Israel had extended such offers, which had been never replied.)   


            In the United States, almost 100% Christian nation since its inception and still 90% Christian, churches are not yet empty. The freedom of religion (then understood as Christianity or Judaism only) was guaranteed by the Constitution. Yet under pressure of leftist propaganda, this fundamental right eroded, while a Soviet style doctrine of "separation" of Church and State took precedence (even not being a law on the books). This so called "separation" has reached its ugliest forms, and now it is being practically implemented as expulsion of Christianity from public arena (in public schools and universities completely!), while Islam has a pass. And what are the Christians doing? Still comprising a 90% majority, they behave like a beaten wife! They humbly dare to raise their voice asking only for "acceptance" and "not removal" of the religious symbols in their own country!          


           Only a war can wake up the patriotism and awareness about Christianity as the national identity in its home lands.      


            2.5. Unwillingness to procreate (substituted with willingness to fornicate) is another consequence of "Post-Christianity". The result is a lowering birth rate of native Europeans: about 1.5 vs. Islamic birth rate of 3-5 (2.1 being necessary for self sustaining). This alone amounts to national suicide in purely demographic way. In Canada and Australia the situation looks the same (in the US a little better). Again, no undo is possible unless a war emerges so that it shakes people's minds pushing them back to the traditional (Judeo-Christian) family values.


            3. The psychological reasons of our enemies.

 A home of Shikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

            3.1. Unprecedented influx of oil money into the Middle Eastern countries ("unearned capital"[6]), especially into Saudi Arabia, the Emirates during the 20th century suddenly returned them back from irrelevance, backwardness, and their traditional economy of camels and rugs. Just take a look at the right what these money could buy. And the downtown of Dubai looks even more impressive. Mind, that these islamic nation merely and literally bought all that luxury and modernity. I.e., they did not invent anything, nor did they manufacture anything. They neither designed nor erected those 21st century skyscrapers on their own. They just have so much oil money, that they hire western engineers to built it all including the oil wells industry. They perceive this unexpected wealth as a sign of Allah to renew their obsession with Jihad against infidels in the whole world. It recreated mass hysteria, religious fanaticism, global pan-Islamic expansionism, readiness to die for the cause, and to wage a war at any cost disregarding the (Earthly) outcome. And all that is happening in 1.2 billion Islamic part of the world, plus the growing Islamic sector of Western world. They strive toward the global war against infidels.

A silver Audi made of silver 

            3.2. Perceived weakness of the West. Islamic countries interpret the civilized unwillingness of the Western world to engage in a global war as a sure sign of the weakness of the West multiplied by its decadence and lack of self-confidence. For them, the West is an enemy asking for invasion, ripped for being conquered and Islamized - a fatal confluence of sudden Islamic money with Senile Disorder of Left-wing Liberalism[3]. Islam simply cannot afford to miss an opportunity of such a war.


            3.3. Impossibility of insulation from the Western influences in modern times (because of availability of Internet and mass media) drives Islamic world crazy. The West does not proselytize its values on purpose. However the information is freely flowing out, thus the Moslems perceive it as both threatening and ugly. It is threatening for them because electable governments, freedom of expression, equality and freedom of women undermine the very fundamentals of Islamic society. On the other hand, the contemporary "post-religious" West demonstrates such grotesque features as legalization, moreover promotion and protection (!) of sexual perversions; and sexual promiscuity and exhibitionism in general. It all is ugly, objectively ugly. Westerners at least realize that this filth comes in a package with something great too such as freedom, science, great art and entertainment. Unlike them, Moslems are indifferent to Rembrandt, Mozart, Einstein, or Beatles, perceiving the filth and ugliness alone. Therefore they will struggle to death for preserving their family values, so that their daughters never become sluts, nor do their sons embrace "alternative life styles" and "diversity".  


            4. Other big players


            4.1. Hostile Russia. Formally Russia is endangered by the spread of Islam. However her traditional belief in her "own particular way" together with endemic hostility to the West and the USA, and especially to Israel makes siding with them out of the question. On the contrary, Russia tends to capitalize on the sky-high oil price and growing geopolitical tensions, earning on the trade with our Islamic enemies and providing them with modern arms.


            4.2. China is not concerned with Islam at all. China would rather watch to see how to capitalize on the growing world conflict to its own advantage. China's growing economy and demand for oil inflate oil prices even more, meanwhile China's economical pressure on (and merger with)  the US is being used as a blackmail.

India is upset by Islam from without and within. It has fanatical islamic neighbors from both sides (Pakistan being nuclear), who incite her islamic minority and Kashmir separatists. However the Indian government is still too soft being perhaps under influence of islamic money.

Russia and China on the side of the West against Islam, the situation would be more definite and clear. Playing false deterrence games, they  hamper decisiveness of the West (near zero anyway) to engage in a war for protection of the civilization. It will happen eventually, but will be more bloody.


            4.4. Israel as a trigger and a pariah: approaching an apocalyptic war. From the year of its resurrection in 1948, Israel has been under attacks of Islamic neighbors as a forefront of the West in the Middle East. However the West is not known to care about its forefronts, always attempting to buy a peace - and getting a war later at a higher price (W. Churchill). That was, for example, how the West betrayed Poland and Baltic republics to Hitler and Stalin, and betrayed Czechoslovakia twice: first to Hitler, second to Soviets. And mind: unlike Israel, Czechoslovakia was a "regular member of the club".

            In theory
Israel for the West should be an ideal social and spiritual cause both. Socially Israel exemplifies the most just case of a successful national liberation movement (Zionism). Spiritually, God commanded to protect and bless Israel, whose destiny is crucial both in Judaism and Christianity. Yet neither socialists of this world see it this way; nor the Christians (except American Evangelicals and several other Zionist Christian denominations); nor even Israelis themselves (being affected with the same leftist senile disorder, as the rest of the West).

            Islam is an existential threat for the entire West indeed. However the West is still big enough, unlike a tiny
Israel. As a forefront of the fight in the middle of the enemies, not only is Israel the most vulnerable: her immediate existence is at stake. Yet Eurabia not only has never cared to extend any military help to Israel: Eurabia and its "intellectual" elite (including some Jews) have never hidden, that they prefer Israel to be defeated (to correct a "nasty mistake").

            In the recent time when the global confrontation with Islam is getting sharper,
Israel unintentionally acquired a role of a probable trigger in a much bigger conflict. However defeat of the Islamic enemies does not seem to be the primary goal of America and the West. America cares more that the war does not look as though motivated to protect interests of Israel (God forbid), nor that it really be a protection of Israel. Thus times and again Israel is being thrown to the wolves just to postpone the inevitable. And when this inevitable finally happens, it will become a prophetic war of an apocalyptic proportion.


            5. The low intensity war (in Afghanistan and Iraq) is already happening right now, as well as numerous local wars of Islamic factions against non-Islamic neighbors.  On a wider time scale, it is a 60 years long intermittent war of Islamic Middle East against Israel, and ultimately - a 1300 years long war of Islam vs. infidels. 


            6. Unusually long "Peaceful" period. The "relatively peaceful" (!) pause (after the World War II) is already longer than it used to be in the past: more than 60 years...  


            7. Prediction of Sir Winston Churchill made in 1899!

Winston Churchill"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.


            A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.


            Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities - but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome." [4]


And earlier in 1897[5]:

"The Mahommedan religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance. It was originally propagated by the sword, and ever since, its votaries have been subject, above the people of all other creeds, to this form of madness…… civilisation is confronted with militant Mahommedanism. The forces of progress clash with those of reaction. The religion of blood and war is face to face with that of peace." (Just google searching Images with the words: syria rebel eats heart ).

            It is amazing, that Sir Winston recognized the Islamic threat when the British Empire shined in its highest power (the Sun never setting down over it), while Islamic world seemed moribund as it was when nobody had yet cared about their oil. What an irony it is, that Great Britain now exemplifies the highest level of dhimmitude and cowering to their insatiable Islamic piranhas.

            And here are words of Joseph Brodsky in "A travel to the East": A way prior to the 9/11/2001:

            A nightmare and horror of the East. Dusty catastrophe of Asia. Greenery is only on the banner of the Prophet. Nothing grows here but mustaches. This is a black-eyed part of the world with a 3-day bristle at the end of each day. They extinguish bonfire by urinating. And the smell, what's the smell: a mixture of bad tobacco and sweat soap; and the underwear winded around their genitals akin to your turban. Racism? No, merely a form of Misanthropy.

            Ho, all those Osmans, Mechmets, Murads, Bayasets, Ibrahims, Selims, Suleimans slaughtering each other, their ancestors, rivals, brethren, parents, and descendents with a regularity of a person shaving at a mirror.

            Ho, those infinite never stopping wars: against infidels, against their own kind Muslims -  but Shiites; wars for expansion of the empire, as a vengeance for resents, and for no reason at all, but merely for self defense.

Ho, those turbans and beards - a uniform of turbans and heads obsessed only with one thought: to slaughter... I slaughter, therefore I exist.


            8. The most spiritual reason for the war

            Rabbi Lapin traces the source of an inevitable confrontation against Islam all the way back to the times of Abraham[7]. In modern time the most spiritual event (albeit ignored by the political elite) is indeed the fact that in 1967 Jerusalem was finally liberated - as a result of the victorious 6 day war of Israel. That ought to be a seminal moment in the history of Judaism and Christianity: one of their main aspirations was fulfilled after several thousand years. Since 1967 it is no more an unattainable dream, whose realization is in the hands of God. Since 1967 the holiest city of Judaism and Christianity, particularly the Temple mount, finally belongs to Israel - and therefore to the sphere of influence of the entire Western (Christian) world. Since then the task of rebuilding of the Third Temple is exclusively in human's authority: like never before. Never ever before had the Judeo-Christian community of the world an opportunity to actually make an attainable decision in favor of the God's plan, i.e. to really build the Third Temple inviting the (re-)appearance of the Messiah.

            Unfortunately Israeli government of 1967, and the Western (nominally Christian) powers of that time, and the contemporary governments of these countries all have been so afraid of provoking "Islamic rage" over the property that does not belong to the "land of Islam", that religious communities are prohibited to even think about moving the mosque from the top of the mountain elsewhere. Even prayers of Christians and Jews are prohibited on the
Temple Mount - just to please the piranhas and postpone the war inevitable anyway. The defeatist governments are afraid to make a decision, which is completely within their reach. How long? 


            Summary. All these reasons do not help to forecast the exact date when the all-out war explodes: in several months, years or even decades. Some symptoms are happening right before our eyes, such as a strike in France (because of an attempt to cut welfare) and riots of "disillusioned" Moslem "youth", or a new turmoil in Pakistan. It is like an unstoppable planetary motion of tectonic plates, generating catastrophic earthquakes in unpredictable moments. Unpredictable - but imminent. 


December, 2007

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