Linking Differential Equations to what?!

I was born and spent more than a half of my life in the former USSR, graduating from a state university, and then working for various scientific institutions. It goes without saying that most aspects of Soviet life were heavily ideologized: even after Stalin, during the final softer decades of the Evil Empire. However almost nobody accepted the propaganda and intrusion of the ideology at its face value. More importantly, natural science and mathematics were spared from the propaganda: hard science was not abused for promotion of the ideological whims of the party.

Now imagine my shock when here, in America of all places, I received an invitation to contribute a mathematical paper for a special issue of the CODEE Journal1 dedicated to ...

Linking Differential Equations to Social Justice and Environmental Concerns

Here are a few proposals I sent at their request.

Dear Secretary,

In reply to your 
persistent invitation of papers for this special issue, here are several proposals.

1) Whenever I hear the words "Social justice", my hand rushes for my Glock2. Shortening of the delay of this reflex as a function of the growing occurrence of this phrase.   

2) "Make America straight again": a new linear model for propagation of hate.  

3) Isomorphism between diversity and perversity.

4) White guilt still lags behind white privilege. More effective affirmative action for elimination and reversal of this lag. 

5) Re-distribution of wealth as a result of Social justice applied to the function of Normal Distribution.

6) The fractional dimension of the safe space as a consequence of its fractal boundaries in a fragile mental environment.  

7) Micro aggression as a violation of boundaries of the safe space.

8) Inequalities as a legacy of injustice in Mathematics. Elimination of inequalities and transfer to
mathematics with equalities only .

9) Whiteness in Mathematics as an obstacle for people of color - with the example of the problem of 4 colors.

10) Is the straight line full of hate and therefore does not belong to eunuchoid geometry?

11) A new due process for the era of Social Justice: Progressive movements are considered innocent until and after full destruction of the nation3. 

Alexander Gofen

1. CODEE Journal  (Consortium for Ordinary Differential Equations Education).

2. The original phrase ''Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my revolver''
was misattributed to the Nazi Reich Marshal Hermann Goring. The sentence does date from Nazi Germany, but comes from Hanns Johst's drama ''Schlageter,'' produced at the State Playhouse in Berlin in 1933. Ironically, the topic (1) holds true also for contemporary Western culture filled with sodomy, scatology, and desecration of God (here and here), and also for so called multi-culturalism.

3. The original phrase was "Any progressive party or movement is considered innocent until full destruction of the nation" (2005). Its source so far could not be found. .