A good "catchword" [simulacrum] can stop thought for 50 years
- Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

This is a limited list of selected terminology twisted, abused, distorted, or tabooed in contemporary political speech. I gave them the explanations based on their original and conservative meaning. 


Affirmative action


Conspiracy theory










Illegitimate presidency





National identity

Natural Born Citizen





Palestinian people

Political correctness


"Replacement Migration"



Usurpation of presidency

White "guilt"
White Manifesto
White nationalism

White privilege
White supremacism




Affirmative action :  A euphemistic term for a policy of unequal treatment in favor of certain minorities and against the majority (!) of mostly white heterosexuals, but also against a few "unprotected" (non-"privileged") minorities such as Jews and Asians. The absurdity of the Affirmative action lies in that it is a racial discrimination against the majority of the nation – as a paroxysm of the so called "White guilt" and "White privilege". It usually takes a form of quotes of admission taking precedence over the professional qualities of the aspirants.

Though never called this way then, a kind of the "Affirmative action" existed in the former Russian Empire and in the late USSR as a state sanctioned anti-Semitism – a measure limiting the percentage of Jews in universities, science, and arts. While in the USSR this policy was directed against the Jews (a negligible minority), in the US on the contrary, it is directed against the great majority of the nation in a crazy fervor of the "White guilt" and the fantasy of Egalitarianism. Both fantasies presume as though all human races, ethnicities, and cultures statistically must be represented evenly in every human endeavor – though this doctrine contradicts the reality (and the recently obtained scientific data). The ideologues of Affirmative action however keep on explaining under-achievements in certain fields of some minorities (for example Blacks) as a racism and consequence of injustice in the past, which must be fixed by bending back and inverse racial discrimination. The ideologues want to re-engineer the reality – the Constitution and well being of the nation be damned.   

:  In its original meaning, a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices (Webster). The Lefts and Progressives however made it a derogative word demeaning a person expressing "non-progressive" views, a tool to stifle free and open debate. Here are some of the new "progressive" meanings attributed to this word.  

They call a person "Bigot" for collective disapproval of an entire category of people defined by their ideology, religion, or activities no matter how bad the ideology, religion, or activities of that category of people are. (At that, progressives have their favorite "protected classes" such as adherents to Islam, Marxism, sexual deviancy, promiscuity). Indeed, it is justifiable and morally good to disapprove entirely such categories, whose platforms, beliefs, and activities are hostile or antithetic to our values, for example, Muslims, Nazis, Communists, sodomites, and similar. 

They call a person "Bigot" also for disapproval of an individual with bad habits or deliberately bad behavior – yet proud, because that is what he or she is (no matter what it is). According to a presumption of progressivism, whichever a "progressive" individual is, it must be only embraced and celebrated.

In general, in a progressive parlance, "Bigot" (also a "Fascist") is a (conservative) opponent who is right (i.e. cannot be proved wrong in an honest polemics). This term therefore became senseless and should be avoided. Instead, demand your opponent to "accuse" you in more specific terms.


Conspiracy theory : a demeaning propaganda term used to disparage valid statements based on true facts by associating them with bizzare claims ("conspiracy theories") based on unverifiable or false information made by blind believers.  

In other words, the propaganda ridicules peoples referring to known and verifiable facts as though adherents of bizarre conspiratorial speculations, while in reality it is the propaganda which did conspire to hide and taboo certain facts. The most significant example called by propaganda a "Conspiracy" is the very real 2008-2016 usurpation of American presidency by an Unidentified Foreign Operative (UFO) with unverified name Obama
. As Vladimir Bukovskiy brilliantly put it, it's worse than conspiracy - it's consensus.

A Cow speaking to another Cow: do you know dear that they feed and keep us so well in order just milk us and then to kill for meat?!
The other replies: Again you are propagating your conspiracy theories.


Dhimmitude : Originally an islamic term for a state of semi-slavery of "infidels" (non-moslems) living under islamic rule. In metaphoric sense the term now applies to politicians and citizens of the West which appease and whitewash Islam, pander to islamic minorities inside and to islamic influences from outside, willingly submitting to demand and pressure of islamic lobby. Dhimmitude is a grotesque form of collaboration with the enemy even without actual conquest.   


Diversity :  A "progressive" doctrine in the West (in the frame of the so called  Multiculturalism) promoting and making as though a goal in itself the most diverse mixture of sexes, ethnicities, races, cultures, and religions in an enterprise (and even in the nation), ignoring the national identity of a particular country or the business interests of the enterprise. This wide mixture however must exclude conservatives and opponents of the Diversity – see Tolerance. Often enough Diversity means merely "perversity" being promoted as though the norm.   


Equality (social meaning) : A part of the motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" from the French revolution of 1789. Equality is a concept, that judicially all citizens must have equal rights before the law (i.e. the nobility and elites must not have privileges before the law): exactly in this sense.  

However also a more radical concept emerged in the same time as though any group of people (disregarding sex, race, ethnicity, social history) on average are equal in all human qualities despite their very visible actual inequality, which (according to those radicals) is a result of only disadvantaged conditions of particular groups. Such a radical concept of equality was always in conflict with an everyday life, especially in modern time in the West, where the conditions of life and opportunities for learning essentially improved for all. Moreover, scientific studies demonstrated the opposite: that differences in average performance of particular tasks objectively exist in various groups expressed as a bell curve for each of the group. That is why Steven Pinker makes the following clarification: "Equality is not the empirical claim that all groups of humans are interchangeable; it is the moral principle that individuals should not be judged or constrained by the average properties of their group."

In the former USSR the concept of Equality was turned and twisted in such a way, that they re-introduced privileges, but for the former downtrodden classes as though to compensate for their former disadvantages. (In practice it was a system of huge privileges for the new Soviet nomenclatura). This Soviet idea of compensation of downtrodden for former disadvantaged did not hold long there, but it was picked by the Western progressives as the Affirmative action and the concept of Egalitarianism

"The Bell Curve" by Charles Murray & Richard Herrnstein
"The Blank Slate" by Steven Pinker
"The Inequality Taboo" by Charles Murray, Commentary, 2005/9, p. 13-22
Racial Differences Are Real,  http://jewishworldreview.com/michael/barone070814.php3#.U8C8mfldUjz      


Egalitarianism : An enforced equality or "social justice" implemented via "social engineering in order to "correct" the objectively existing inequality of achievements in various social groups (racial, ethnic, and others). Egalitarianism does not acknowledge any objective inequality believing that the existing inequality of achievements is only a result of injustice in the past and present so that the objective achievers must have a feeling of "guilt", say "white guilt". Thus, in order to correct this "injustice", egalitarianism promotes a system of unequal treatment in favor of the so called "unprivileged minorities" (see Affirmative action). Egalitarianism therefore contradicts the fundamental constitutional concept of the equal treatment before the law, destroys the competition and meritocracy, and diminishes the productiveness of the nation.   

Exploitation (in free market) : payment or salary lower than the market price because the concerned employees do not have a legal statute thus working illegally so that their dishonest employers take advantage of their illegitimacy. Marxists and progressives misuse the term Exploitation applying it to all employees in the free market.

Fascism : Originally an Italian term for the time of Mussolini, meaning the dominance of the state goals and state power over the rights and goals of the individuals, accompanied by dictatorship and suppression of the opposition.
Germany under Hitler adopted this political system and the term Fascism to their Nazi ideology. Also the outside world applied the term Fascism to the two above mentioned regimes. The former USSR (especially under Stalin) was a grotesque and extreme example of the fascist system based on the Communist ideology; however neither USSR nor the world outside USSR dared to apply this term to the USSR, which was considered as though a main fighter against Fascism. (The USSR did fight Germany under Hitler, being however no less fascist than Germany).

In the modern time the Lefts and Progressives misuse the term Fascism (similarly to the term Racism) as a discussion stopper or an attack word against opponents to stifle the discussion. For them a Fascist it the one who is right (but they cannot rebuff it).


"Hate" : a particularly powerful "discussion stopper" in progressive and liberast parlance, which presumes as though Hate against anything were the worst sin; a sin which immediately excludes the "hater" from the "civilized" (i.e. progressive) society. Though the notion "Hate" belongs to human feelings

- Liberasts yell "Hate!" against any opponent who merely brings facts not expressing any feelings at all. In liberasts' minds, speaking the truth even without any emotions already amounts to Hate. For example, they made true facts about abomination of homosexuality a taboo; therefore quoting the Bible, or any disapproval of homosexuality automatically means Hate speech. And God forbid if some justifiable emotions happen to appear in a conversation! Because…

- Speaking with a slightest hint of negative emotion about liberast "values" is considered a particularly vicious "Hate" (which must have no place in any "university" or "school" of low life). For there is nothing to Hate in the world (beside the Founding Fathers and the evil White man), you know…

Some Christians get particularly intimidated if blamed in "Hate", for they were taught to hate sin, but to love a sinner. Those Christians are ready to love even such militant unrepentant sinners as homosexuals – arrogantly proud, parading, and boasting with their sin while wishing to eliminate Christianity whatsoever.     

Homophobia :  A misguiding propaganda attacking word derived from "homosexual" and "phobia" (unconscious fear or disgust) against sodomites or pederasts or other sexual perverts.  Homophobia is misguiding for two reasons.

First, due to the scientific term "Phobia", Homophobia attempts to claim as though disapproval of pederasty or sodomy were merely subconscious, irrational, rather than the conscious decision, based on the traditional and respected moral values.

Secondly, Homophobia tries to make you believe as though your phobia were against something very common and harmless (like hydrophobia) and therefore unjustified. In reality people accused in Homophobia disapprove a disgusting exposure of the perverted sexual proclivities, an exposure of abomination by people which are either sick, or vice – yet proud, while being no much different from those addicted to coprophilia.

The Lefts and Progressives apply the term Homophobia as an accusation so serious, that the accused may lose his job, or be excluded from a consideration process for a job upfront: no matter his or her professional merits.

In reality Homophobia is absolutely necessary and morally good.


Illegitimate presidency : refers to US presidency attained in violation of the Constitution and criminal code. The US Constitution requires (among other things) that a contender for US presidency posses a special kind of citizenship stronger then a common law citizenship, namely, that a president be a Natural Born citizen, i.e. born to citizen parents on the American soil.  

There were two impostors in the US history: Chester Arthur (1881-1885) which hid British citizenship of his father (uncovered only after death of Chester Arthur); and a person under an alleged name Obama (2008-2016), perhaps an Unidentified Foreign Operative (UFO), campaigning in 2008 and 2012 as explicitly not natural born, presenting forged identity documents in 2011, and using stolen Social Security number – see more in the article below.

Unlike hidden (and figured out only after his death) illegitimacy of Arthur, the illegitimacy of Obama was obvious and flew into face since the beginning of his campaign in 2008. During his campaign in 2012 also the criminal accusation in stolen Social Security number and production of a forged birth certificate were published and presented by Attorney Dr. Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio – but rejected or ignored by all parties, all members of the US Congress, and all US officials. This illegitimacy remains ignored up to this very moment (July 2018) also by President Trump. The fact that the crime of such enormity perpetrated by all three branches of the US government had succeeded and still remains a taboo testifies about...



Islamophobia : A misguiding propaganda attacking word derived from "islam" and "phobia" (unconscious fear or disgust) against islam and muslims.  Islamophobia is misguiding for two reasons.

First, due to the scientific term "Phobia", Islamophobia attempts to claim as though disapproval of islam or muslims were merely subconscious, irrational, rather than the conscious disapproval and fear, based on the inimical and militant nature of islam and muslims antithetical to the Judeo-Christian values of the West. 

Secondly, Islamophobia tries to make you believe as though your phobia were against something very common and harmless (like hydrophobia) and therefore unjustified. In reality Islamophobia (disapproval of islam and muslims) is as justified as disapproval of Nazism, Marxism, or Communism. Islam is a deadly enemy of the Western world – despite that the ruling elites of the West under the NWO claims the opposite and welcome this enemy into their home(*).

The Lefts and Progressives apply the term Islamophobia as an accusation so serious, that the accused may lose his job, or be excluded from a consideration process for a job upfront: no matter his or her professional merits.

In reality not only Islamophobia, but a hate of islam is absolutely necessary and morally good.

(*) http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org/IdiotGuideOnCivic.htm

Liberal, Liberalism : a vague political concept whose goal was to minimize state intervention into the local affairs and to protect the civil rights. The essence of the old Liberalism is contained in the famous quote ascribed to Voltaire: I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. That is why originally Liberalism opposed Socialism, Communism, and Leftism.

However, approximately since the 1930s, Liberalism morphed into a package of socialist and utopian ideas infecting mostly the rich, obsessed with a feeling of "guilt" for their prosperity. And then since the rebellious 1960s, Liberalism shifted completely to the extreme Left converging with vulgar anarchism, anti-Americanism, and gross decadence no different from progressivism (see also Liberast). Here are a few items associated with contemporary Liberalism.


§        Despising the American Founders and their vision base on the Judeo-Christian philosophy. As a result…

§        Moral relativism, no concept of absolute good and evil.  

§        A belief in the superiority of the so called international institutions (such as the United Nations), and belief in the World as one village, despite that the world does not share any universal philosophy or faith, and international officials are not elected by American citizens (or by anybody), being mostly hostile and antithetic to the American values and interests.

§        Egalitarianism, Affirmative Action.

§        Denial of our exclusive Judeo-Christian national identity, coupled with a suicidal wish to dilute it by allowing Islamic immigration.

§        Promotion of sexual perversion, sexual anarchy, and unrestricted abortions in young students secretly from their parents.

§        Ban on teaching abstinence and value of chastity.

Liberast :  A neologism invented in Russia meaning either a pederast (homosexual), or a straight Liberal/Progressive "embracing", "celebrating", or accepting open pederasty as though a "variant of norm" and valid civil right cause. Though here are no more than 1.5% of pederasts in the US, the percentage of their approvers now may be well over half of the population – as a result of several decades of aggressive promotion of the homosexuality by progressive cabal.


Libertarian : generally a person who upholds the principles of absolute and unrestricted liberty especially of thought and action (Webster). For example, Libertarians in the US may support legalization of all (or some) addictive drugs, or unrestricted abortions.  

There is a particular faction of Libertarians of the Ron Paul type which deny the Judeo-Christian national identity of America, believing that any faith and any culture of the world equally fits American national identity. They believe it so much that they welcome Islam and Muslims into America seeing no harm in presence of Muslims, mosques (now already 3100+), and in further immigration and islamization of America. Moreover, such Libertarians are so much in sync with Muslims, that they too dislike or hate Jews and Israel.     

: or better to say Multi-minus-own-culturalism is a progressive doctrine in the West which presents and promotes all foreign cultures as though equal or even superior to the Western cultures – all that with the goal to suppress and demean the Western culture. In so doing, the Multiculturalism denies the absolute superiority and the unique success of the Judeo-Christian civilization, while sweepingly elevating everything non-Western: especially Islam – no matter that Islam is antithetical to each and every tradition of the West and every sacred cow of liberasty (the logic be damned).

Multiculturalism is used as one of arguments in favor of the unprecedented in human history suicidal immigration policies in the West which allows millions of Moslems (the least fitting kind of people!) to immigrate into Christian mono-ethnic nations. According to a popular joke, Multiculturalism is when hosts of the house have to hide in the basement toilet from their guests (see more in An idiot guide to basic civic).   

National identity : the fundamental property and distinction of every nation based on its ethnicity or race, language, and culture, which includes the national faith, philosophy, and understanding of the destiny. Most of the nations in the world are mono-ethnic. The United States is comprised of various ethnicities but predominantly of European descendents. There were several multi-ethnic empires in the history, such as Austro-Hungary, or Russian (later Soviet) empire. However various ethnicities tend to establish mono-ethnic nations, which they cherish, maintain, and wish to pass to the posterity.

Therefore generally it is an axiom that Nation X belongs to people X. However since the 1960s the Western ruling elites framed by the NWO set the goal to deny the very concept of the national identity for the nations of the West by opening their borders (and welfare benefits) to least fitting foreigners, such as Islamic savages from Asia and Africa. Such a policy akin to treason in each and every concerned nation was implemented without any referendums, and turned into a default mindset by the totalitarian propaganda of the West.

  See An idiot guide to basic civic.


Nationalism (to not be confused with Nazism) : an axiom according to which Nation X belongs to people X, and national interests takes precedence over interest of foreign nations, foreign individuals, and international interests. For centuries this had been a default position of each and every nation of the world, and the term had no negative connotation whatsoever – until the NWO propaganda of the recent decades, aiming to destroy the national identity of all the nations of the West, has succeeded so much, that it the term Nationalism acquired a negative connotation, while diluting of the nations with the least fitting strangers became a new (suicidal) "norm" (see An idiot guide to basic civic). In the course of these actions, the agitators for national suicide equate Nationalism with Nazism, and call the patriots Nazis. However, unlike Nationalism, the Nazism (exemplified by Germany under Hitler) has several ugly distinctive features such as …

§        Promotion of racial or ethnic superiority of the dominant ethnicity with the goal of exploitation, suppression, or even extermination of "substandard" ethnicities;

§        Urge to conquer the world and establish domination of their nation over the others (accompanied with realization of their racial policies everywhere).

Nationalism is a sane common sense policy and a patriotic duty. Nazism is a criminal political doctrine condemned by the Nuremberg International Tribunal.    

Natural Born Citizen : a special category of citizenship which the US Constitution requires (among other things) for a contender for US presidency. This special citizenship is stronger than a common law citizenship, namely, a president must be born to citizen parents on the American soil (see Natural Born citizen).

: the Western version of the so called "soft" or "cultural" Marxism in the 20th century which aims to destroy the Western way of life with a different tactic than that of Marx/Lenin. Instead of inciting proletarians and plebeians to subvert the social order directly, Neo-Marxism appeals to and exploits the natural laziness and moocher tendencies in humans, and the urges in some of them to violate the Judeo-Christian moral. In so doing, Neo-Marxism promotes and legalizes the destructive urges and elevates the people prone to them, widening the social base of moochers, anarchists, including sexual anarchists and perverts. In so doing, Neo-Marxism delivers mortal blow to every Western nation and
America, which, in the words of John Adams, was designed only for moral and religious people, being completely inadequate to any others.    


NWO – the New World Order is a cumulative expression for a vague and very narrow international party (an International) comprised of the most rich and powerful of this world, established by Cecil Rhodes in the Great Britain in the 1850s. Unlike the highest classes in the past concerned mostly about acquiring even more wealth and power, this International also contemplates various ideas of changing the world (though not exactly in accordance with Marx). Their world goals spanned from increasing their profits (by unification and leveling all nations to the lowest standards) to various "progressive" causes which undermine the Judeo-Christian foundations of the Western nations, to nurturing regimes antithetical to the Judeo-Christian values. Organizations such as the Round Table Group, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Club are their departments. Through them they extend their cadre and influence into governments, education, and near all social institutions.

Opinionated : in the liberast newspeak has a particular negative sense and goal. 

1) It is applied against a person who dares to have firm convictions, especially concerning good and evil, or faith (God forbid). For as we know, who are we to judge (and God forbid to be "judgmental"). Moreover...

2) When the term "opinionated" is applied, in a well established liberast tradition, it deliberately downplays "convictions" into merely "opinion" – for what else can a progressive person has...

: sexual pervert akin to sodomite or homosexual (to not be confused with pedophiles, i.e. adults sexually attracted to underage of any sex). Pederasts hijacked a word gay (evitable) and keep promoting it as a euphemism (sweetening pill) as part of their Overton window strategy to normalize and even "celebrate" abomination. Russians invented witty neologisms Liberast and Tolerast meaning liberals (though not pederasts themselves) which tolerate, embrace, and "celebrate" pederasty.

Palestinian people – is an invention of
the USSR and creation of the KGB which introduced this concept for Islamic population of Israel and particularly on the Israeli territory of Gaza, Judea and Samaria. KGB trained and backed the terrorist organization PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) of mostly Jordanian Arabs headed by the late renowned terrorist Arafat, as the fifth column for destruction of Israel. Prior to 1967, Gaza, Judea, and Samaria were under rule of respectively Egypt and Jordan, and then nobody ever used the term Palestinians to denote any special Arab-like people.

In fact, prior to restoration of Israel in 1947, the term Palestine was used for what later became the Jewish state on the respective territory mandated by the League of Nation in the 1920s. Palestine was a synonym of Israel so much, that during the anti-Semitic marches in 1930s in Europe the crowds shouted "Jews – into Palestine!" (which does not dismay the contemporary European anti-Zionists from shouting "Jews – out of Palestine!") Even the Hitler's henchmen first contemplated deportation of all Jews into Palestine (later switching from this idea to the so called "Final solution").   

Political correctness is a two-prod phenomenon in the West consisting of ...

self-censorship (one of the component of total censorship) in the late years of the USSR, the Western voluntary self-censorship is prompted only by a fear of minor hardships such as a loss of a job something unique particularly for the West.

The term Political correctness even contains a grain of humor in it hinting that it expresses not an objective correctness (the truth), but rather some invented ideological talk points. And this term is also a euphemism sweetening the fact of a mental submission of people: the submission based either on sincere convictions of an indoctrinated person, or on a discomfort of being out of the "main stream", or on a fear to be fired from the job.  

Unlike censorship and self-censorship in totalitarian dictatorships (like the former USSR), in the West, this censorship is voluntarily "embraced"

§  Despite the officially existing freedom of speech, and…

§  Despite no threats of arrests, tortures, and GULAG. A fear to lose a lavish job and "comfortable life style" based on credits and mortgage suffices to keep citizenry at bay here just as effectively as GULAG in the USSR.   

The technology of "Political correctness" was invented by the NWO ideologues at least 100 years ago with the goal to neutralize the free speech and turn the nations with "freedom of speech" into nations with "freedom from speech". Thus, despite the formal existence of freedom of speech, the elite can rule not bothered with the free speech, completely ignoring and dismissing any opposite views as though there were none.

As a result, the media and institutions of the Free world became no less totalitarian than those in the Evil Empire of the
USSR, however with an important difference. Unlike in the Soviets, the Western totalitarianism is caused exclusively by general misery and baseness of the human material of the West. People like Academician Sakharov, Elena Bonnar, dissidents which chained themselves for a 5 minute message of truth until grabbed by KGB, are almost impossible in this nation of eunuchs, still having the 1st and 2nd Amendments, yet both unused.

Political correctness is an intellectual sickness. It means expediently lying when telling the truth is not expedient. This practice is so widespread and so common that it is considered to be normal.
- Ali Sina
When people are forced to remain silent while being told the most obvious lies, or even worse, when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.
- Theodore Dalrymple

Populism : see Tribalism.

Progressive : a euphemism for adherance to the package of the old left ideas such as neo-Marxism, socialism, militant atheism, multiculturalism, diversity, and similar by another name. By inventing this new term falsely associated with the general idea of "Progress", the  adherents of Progressivism make us to believe as though their agenda packaged into a new term were something really new directed into a "bright future". An
unknown author made the following statment with a bitter humor:

Progressives are considered innocent until (and after) the nation is fully destroyed.

Replacement Migration: the UN sponsored, widely implemented in the entire West plan with the title and rhetoric so outrageous, that it defies the language (never mind the diplomatic standards). The plan explicitly sets the goal of replacement (sic!) of the host people in every Western nation with foreigners invading from around the world. The plan issued in the highest diplomatic office of the world operates with the term "Migration" as if all people of the world were entitled to freely migrate (like birds), no matter any national borders and sovereignty! 

Indeed, the "no borders nor sovereignty" presumption is applies exclusively for the nation of the Western world populated with white race (already <15% of humanity): not for all nations and races of the world. Non-white people would never agree with an idea of being intermixed, dissolved, getting finally extinct. This recipe is intended exclusively for the white race.

2000 UN Replacement Migration
2018 UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration  

Racism : a prejudice, under-treatment, or exploitation based on a race of a citizen – and nothing but these (contrary to a long list of grievances brought by progressives as though being Racism). An extreme form of Racism was the slavery of the Negroes brought into the South States of America from Africa up until the Civil War of 1861. After the liberation of Negroes, Racism still persisted as a prejudice and under-treatment of Negroes such as mandated segregation, prohibition of inter-racial marriages and refusal of common services in some states. In this – and only in this – sense Racism is reprehensible. The liberation movement of Dr. Martin Luther King in the 1960s advanced the idea of equal treatment, and finally did away with Racism in America (in its true meaning outlined above).

However, under influence of progressivism and liberalism, the just movement for liberation and equal treatment morphed into demands for over-treatment and privileges for Negroes such as an Affirmative Action. See also Item 20 of the Platform and footnote 2 there.  

Moreover, progressives completely distorted and misused the term Racism turning it into a meaningless "conversation stopper". The following progressive "variations" of the meaning of the term Racism are not valid and definitely are not reprehensible.          

: a term introduced perhaps by Jean Baudrillard, meaning euphemism or another invented term referring to hyperreality in order to evade reality and misdirect the thought.  Euphemisms or simulacra  are vastly used by the contemporary ideologues for replacing the conventional words for the respective concept and sweetening them. For example the ideologues invented (hijacked) the world g-y for "homosexual". Most of the terminology here represent such Simulacra.
A good "catchword" can stop thought for 50 years - Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Terrorism : a vague term whose specific meanings are listed below. This term has been politically loaded: first – in the Soviet propaganda which introduced a "relativism" concerning this term. According to Sovetskih, somebody's terrorist is other's freedom fighter. Quite grotesquely, the totally progressive Western media now adopted exactly this Soviet relativism.   

Governmental or state Terrorism is a policy of violance in tyrannical or dictatorial nations, which legally or illegally resorts to terror in order to keep the citizenry at bay.

Anti-government Terrorism in democratic nations is a criminal conspiracy against the democratic order wishing to attain their goals by means of sabotage and violence while taking advantage of the freedom and openness of the democratic nations. The most ugly and inhumane is the terrorism directed against ordinary civilians (rather than against the government officials): the greater number of the victims, the greater is the "success" in their minds. By instilling more chaos and horror, they hope to sway the government policies into the desired direction.    

Islamic Terrorism (especially in non-Islamic nations) is a variety of anti-government Terrorism with the following additional features:

a)     Its strategic goal is to subvert the constitutional order in the host nations and to finally establish the Islamic reign under Sharia thus delivering the host nation to the House of Islam.

b)     It vastly resorts to suicidal saboteurs and suicide bombers as the cheapest delivery tools, and employs hijacking of passenger planes as the most vulnerable object full of civilians – and a powerful projectile full of fuel. It was KGB which taught the PLO terrorists of Arafat the technology of hijacking passenger planes.

c)     In Islam there is no consideration of civilian victims in non-Islamic nations because all of them are merely infidels residing in the nations belonging to the House of war.


: a loaded term by Progressives in their demand to conservatives to tolerate (i.e. to be silent, or better "embrace" and "celebrate") free speech,
open manifestation, and propaganda of various evil and anti-social types of behavior such as homosexuality and other sexual perversions, socialist and communist activities, activities in support of illegal immigration, in support of Islam and muslims, and so on. At that, while demanding Tolerance to themselves, in all schools, universities, the media, and other institutions were the Progressives dominate, they show absolutely no tolerance to anything conservative. They arrange violent protests and pressure onto the administration against presence of any conservative group, guest lecturer, or event that they do not like – and the administration always caves. 

As a result of decades long efforts of Progressives, America and the nations of the Free world now replicate the model of "One-way freedom" of the USSR "advertised" by Nikita Krushchev, which, when rephrased for America, sounds like this:

In contemporary America we have all the freedoms to fight for the progressive cause, but we have none nor must we have any to fight against the progressive cause.

At that, even conservative citizenry of America believes as though being good-natured, polite, and civil people as we are, we must be more and more Tolerant towards overwhelming take over and aggression by the Lefts and progressives. We must never call them by their evil names, and to concede before them at least for sustaining civility. However such a "Tolerance" of conservatives to evil must be better named Tolerasty, motivated by fear of consequences rather than by a higher moral standing. Such a position is akin to "Tolerance" of the Soviet people toward Soviet power "guaranteed" by the KGB. The difference is that in America the rulers did not need to resort to GULAGs and night arrests in order to keep the citizenry at bay (at the "Progressive bay"). Accustomed to the sweet life based on mortgages, credits, and a taste of luxury, a fear to lose their jobs sustaining these habits works better than KGB.

One more twisted usage of the term Tolerance occurs in institutions intended to commemorate the Holocaust and its horrors. Being mostly Progressive, American Holocaust museums include the word "Tolerance" in their names. This word makes people believe as though it were merely a "lack of tolerance" which motivated numerous executioners of Jewish people to commit their heinous sadistic executions and tortures. Such a reduction of the unprecedented horror and tragedy of the Holocaust to a lack of tolerance then – and to propaganda of Tolerance now amounts to a sacrilege and insult of the victims. However such are the rules of the game in the realm of Progressivism 

:  A neologism similar to Liberast invented in Russia meaning a pederast (homosexual), or a straight Liberal/Progressive tolerating, or rather "embracing" and "celebrating" open pederasty as though a "variant of norm" and valid civil right cause. 

Tolerasty (unlike Tolerance) is a one-way concession resulting from fear rather than from your willing acceptance of the opponent view. Similar to Liberasty, neologism Tolerasty hints to Pederasty. Homosexuals (just like muslims) hijacked the original terms (Liberalism and Tolerance) for their dirty propaganda. 

Tribalism : a demeaning NWO invention for the standard term Nationhood. Tribalism misrepresents a nationhood as though it were an obsolete adherence to a tribe in backdrop parts of the world. NWO ideologues juxtapose Tribalism (bad) to internationalism and the new world order (good). Most of the Western leaders are members of and adhere to the NWO, implementing the UN plan of replacement migration, i.e. replacement of the own citizenry with least fitting foreigners and savages. Only a few Western leaders follow the old principle "National interests first".
NWO ideologues call them Populists in a demeaning sense (as though it were bad to follow the interests and demands of the own people).

White "guilt", white privilege : a liberast propaganda concept as though the contemporary whites in America still bear some guilt for the slavery and its consequences (after more than 150 yeas) enjoying "undeserved" privileges. In a wider context, the White guilt or White privilege closely relate to the blame in White surpemacism. Here are the most grotesque quotes expressing the "White guilt":

"White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it" Ms. Melinda Gates (the wife of Bill Gates)

"Those of us of European stock" will be the minority in less than two years, and, "that's a good thing."
Joe Biden

More such quotes here 

White Manifesto –  fundamental arguments for countering the anti-white propaganda aiming at suppression and extinction of the white race.

White nationalism : a legitimate patriotic concern to preserve the national identity of own nation (including its racial composition) as it was founded. This concern is particularly important now when the NWO and treasonous governments of the West openly negate any nationalism and identity of their nation, and act in accordance with the monstrous US plan of "replacement migration" aiming to literally replace the own citizenry of the Western nation with whoever in the world, especially if whoever are muslims.

Though White nationalism is not about comparative features of different races (only about keeping the racial composition of the own nation), the NWO and treasonous media accus White nationalism in the White supremacism, i.e. an attempt to compare the own race with others and come to whichever conclusions – an anathema for the liberast mindset.

White supremacism : a demeaning and intimidating term in liberast propaganda used as a "discussion stopper" akin to "racism" in order to discredit White nationalism equating it with White supremacism. The intimidation of the term White supremacism originates in the past, when people and some organizations (like KKK) propagandized hatred against nonwhite, practiced prejudice against individuals, exploited and took advantage of the nonwhite, motivated by their believe in the superiority of the white race and inferiority of the others.

Though the practices and ideology of KKK and similar organizations, just as their Racism (in the real sense!), are reprehensible, the superiority of the Greco-Roman Judeo-Christian civilization created by the whites, and therefore superiority of the whites is a hard truth obvious for any educated person: obvious, but so intimidating due to propaganda, that it became a real taboo.

In their intimidating rhetoric the liberasts deliberately confuse two distinct ideas:

On one hand the abusers of the term White nationalism attempt to eliminate even a hypothesis that various races or ethnicities on average may vary in their achievements in particular fields according to the Bell curve (see Equality). They consider such an assumption a "thought crime" inadmissible even to contemplate. The liberasts deny the real fact of the immense scientific and cultural superiority of the Judeo-Christian civilization, i.e. the civilization of predominantly white (Caucasian) population, because this fact undermines their narrative as though no race or ethnicity may be superior in whichever sense (the reality be damned) just as the statement by Charles Murray that "Different groups do have significant group differences" .

On the other hand, liberals blame all whites in the White supremacism merely for objectively better achievements of the white citizenry in the West, and they tend to explain these real achievements as though white privilege or "racism".

The US by its composition (and the national identity) had been (and therefore must remain) near 90% white. As a result of this, and also as a result of the Bell curve of the achievements of the whites, the white had naturally comprised a majority in university campuses (even despite the so called Affirmative action). However the crazy liberast agitators on campuses fight for removal of the "evil white men" from campuses(*). Such self deprecation, double standards, and dhimmitude of whites before Blacks provoke the arrogance in the Black trouble makers, riots, criminal attacks on whites, and more and more baseless demands.

In this dark time of the new imposture by Biden/Harris, the fight against the white race in its home nations intensified even more. See this White Manifesto to counter the mad propaganda against the whites.     

(*) "No campus for white men" by Scott Greer  


UFO : Unidentified Foreign Operative – a sarcastic characterization of the impostor known under a alleged name Obama – see Illegitimate presidency

Xenophobia  :  Generally, a strong antipathy or aversion to strangers or foreigners. Xenophobia is used as an attack word by progressives presuming as though it is unconditionally bad. However a total lack of Xenophobia, or zero Xenophobia means…

§         Lack of appreciation of one's own culture and national identity;

§         Reluctance to protect and preserve the own national identity against the influence of the foreign trends or immigration stream;

§         Reluctance to stop an uncontrolled immigration into the own nation. 

Zionism :  a case of nationalism expressed with the axiom that Nation X belongs to people X, when X means Jews.
As a social act, Zionism is the most justified case of a national liberation movement, which delivered Jewish people – the victims of the extreme oppression and genocide for centuries – to their national liberation. This anti-colonialism movement of the Jews was also the most lasting in the history, spreading from the
Babylon captivity to colonial fight against Greeks, against Romans, against Ottoman and British empires – up to restoration of the nation of Israel in 1948. Yet despite the fact that Israel is the most justified example of anti-colonialist struggle (colonialism is the great concern of the Lefts), the Lefts vehemently denounce exactly Israel (instead of Islamic colonizers).

As a spiritual act, Zionism is a realization of the God's promise, an act of the highest spiritual value for Jews and true Christians. Yet Israel is the only nation refused the basic justice by the rest of the world, ready to sacrifice Israel for whichever minute reason. Any expectations of justice from this world are futile (Eric Hoffer). See more in  "Declaration for Israel".

Zionism (as a curse word) is used by both the Lefts and some Rights which consider themselves proud anti-Zionists. As anti-Zionists they loosely apply the term Zionism for whichever they dislike. For example, Pastor Baldwin is unashamed to misuse the term exactly in the way which the Soviet politburo did then, and the United Nations, European Union and other NWO creatures do now. (At that Pastor Baldwin hates NWO and globalism, but logic be damned). Some other Christians are anti-Zionist as a result of adherence to the old replacement theology doctrine, according to which now it is Christians who inherited Judaism, Israel and the Covenant with God, rather than the Jews. 

Obviously enough, anti-Zionism permeates Islam as a consequence of its theological tenets, and the overwhelming propaganda in all Islamic nations of the world. See also Zionism vs. "anti-Zionism".