Sidney Powell Discusses What's Actually Happening in America
(a vast governmental coup)
April 3, 2021

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Here is my summery. I wrote most of it already in February 2021.

It's an enormous 3-act governmental coup.

Act 1, 2000-2008. As traced by Mr. J.B. Williams, there were 8 attempts of passing congressional bills to rid of the "Natural born" requirement for some upcoming important presidential candidate.

Act 2, 2008-2016, the actual imposture of that "candidate" Obama/Soetoro.

Act 3, 2016-2020, Attempts to topple President Trump, and finally toppling him simultaneously destroying entirely the integrity of the election in the US for indefinite future.

It's a governmental coup accomplished by all three (yes, three!) branches of the US government top down. The top of the executive branch – President Trump – failed or refused to adequately confront the coup: especially after the election day of November 3, 2020, while the Vice President Pence happened to be a key accomplice in the coup (acting against his own re-election!)

An unpreparedness and indecisiveness of President Trump in that period liken him to Alexander Kerensky in 1917. Then Alexander Kerensky did not fathom
what Pandora box he opened and what he let out into the world. On the contary, President Trump, perhaps, was better informed what was at stake, however he let it happen anyway delivering America (the last bastion of freedom) entirely into the hands of the NWO cabal.

It's worth noting that accomplices of the treason happened to be not only the old nomenclatura of the Supreme Court, the Congress, and unchangeable apparatchiks in "parties" and all governmental offices, but also the so called "fresh blood"
– the just appointed justices into the Supreme Court by Trump, and newly elected Senators and Congressmen.

Here is a telling detail concerning one of such newly elected and supposedly most vocal fighter for exposure of the 2020 election steal:  Josh Hawley, U.S. Senator from Missouri. I got his fund-raising letter a couple of weeks ago. In it the Senator asked to help him "to stand up for the integrity of our nation's election". Here is what I replied to him at his Webmail

Dear Senator!

I am concerned too, but not about the deadlines of the Federal Election Commission... And I am not merely concerned, but outraged and despaired since your January 6, 2021 immediate capitulation before the unprecedented election coup thrown into your face
and into the face of 75 millions of Trump voters. No, you didn't stand for the integrity of our nation’s election, nor did so a few other of your colleagues which promised to do it. You momentarily submitted to the traitor Pence instead of making such a noise and fighting him so vehemently as if it were the last fight in your life! You had no right to capitulate and submit! At the final point you and your colleagues ought to rise and leave that chamber of treason announcing that ...
That what you ought to do if you were up to your mission! That was the stellar hour of your life and career that you missed and America missed it too.

Next time write me when you organize secession of your state and I will join it.

Alexander Gofen, a retired mathematician, who established