Will history repeat itself merely as a farce?


On January 5, 2021, a prominent Russian writer Mikhail Weller published a prophetic video [1] entitled "The Most Terrible Day": a very short-term but extremely accurate prophecy about the fateful meeting of the US Congress on January 6, 2021 and its fatal consequences for the fate of mankind: fatal because the United States has now fully surrendered into the hands of the NWO so that globalization, backed by the power of the United States, will now swallow the world unimpeded.


Watching Weller's prophecy coming true from January 6th to 20th, agonizing in the last hopes as though not all is possibly lost, and then reading the report by Patrick Byrne [2] who attended a meeting with President Trump in a group with Sidney Powell and General Flynn, I see such a similarity with what happened under Kerensky in 1917. An unprecedented coup d'etat took place in America against ... Against a president in power (though very weak): a coup of the entire state apparatus, which he was unable to control.

Until now, usually if someone undermined the elections, it was the ruler in power acting against someone who might have won the election in the future. This way: not vice versa! For all power is supposed to be in the hands of the sitting ruler, and it is he who (in theory) is best equipped to "amend" the "ideologically wrong" elections! But no! Trump was betrayed by his own vice president, the whole so-called repooplican party (nominally his!), and by the entire state apparatus top down (already filled with NWO and
China personnel).

And what is particularly shocking is that the elections were rigged and stolen not merely for some oppositional, but otherwise "respectable" candidates. The elections were stolen for two grotesque individuals: an Alzheimer and a whore! In a more or less civilized nation, such a pair would never reach even a double-digit percentage of votes! However, the organizers of this farce have implemented it with unparalleled impudence and cynicism as though saying, "You the sheeple will swallow whoever we have appointed", period. And
America did!


A perfect defeat of civilization


Our situation now is a kind of a perfect defeat of civilization (by analogy with a perfect storm). The enemy destroyed simultaneously both pillars supporting the remnants of the conservatism and the Founders' blueprint in America


        The election system. Now the rigged election system is officially acknowledged as secure! Never to be challenged! Rigged for indefinite future, and remaining under the control of those who had rigged it. This alone symbolizes a total failure of any free nation.


        The remnants of conservatives. The enemies ruined an illusion of the stupid and heavily conditioned "conservatives" which voted for the repoops believing as though otherwise their vote would be wasted. Since now, however, even the most blind of them would realize the enormous treason of the repoops. Thus they lost entirely any incentive to vote and their only voting goal (though a sham goal).

Consequently, we have now neither reliable election, nor an incentive to vote anymore – an abyss from which there is no way up... And the bottom line is that...


        The entire Congress that confirmed the stolen elections is a traitor, and must be dissolved and damned. I said "entire" for a reason. Yes, at first, there were dissidents in the Congress intending to challenge the count of electors from 7 states (in fulfillment of their constitutional duty): more than a hundred representatives and more than a dozen senators with such intentions. However, only the protest for Arizona was heard. Then there was an orchestrated provocation, during which not a single member of Congress came out to speak to the "people." After the break, not one of the dissidents raised the issue of the remaining 6 not yet considered states: all of them somehow faded away. No protests! No one peeped, or left the hall of this shameful meeting: nothing! Here, with envy, I recall some meeting of the Ukrainian Rada, where the participants once engaged into hand-to-hand combat! Even that would be more appropriate for us on January 6, 2021.


        The entire Supreme kangaroo Court and all lower courts must be dismissed and damned. They sabotaged all the cases concerning the 2020 election coup now, just as they sabotaged the 2008-2016 imposture by Obama/Soetoro.


        The so called "president": an Alzheimer and his "professional" whore, an impostor at that. An impostor again! (Her parents were not US citizens on the moment of her birth)!


        The entire law enforcement, interception, and intelligence top down are treasonous, and must be dismissed and damned.


        The entire US Army and Navy are treasonous by not arresting all the above in 2020-2021! They have violated their oath to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic already two times: during the 2008-2016 imposture, and now during the 2020 election coup, thus they must be dismissed and damned most strongly.


And finally the so called Repooplican party requires a separate bullet list. Let's begin with the top repooplicans.


        On January 6, 2021, Vice president Pence as the chair of the Congress, failed to follow his minimal constitutional duty: (a) to allow all 7 delegations to voice out their disagreement with the count (he allowed only Arizona), and (b) to return the 4 competing slates to the respective states to finalize them (or to not count these slates). Even more importantly, he failed to invite to this Congress all the attorneys which gathered tones of facts and affidavits about the election coup, to testify so that the Congress immediately open investigation. This was a fatal failure of one single person to direct the wheel of history towards justice. Instead, he pushed it towards darkness, towards demise of America and civilization.


        McConnel, the chair of the repooplican Senate majority. During his entire office there he sabotaged President Trump. Particularly, during the 2020 election coup, he immediately took the position of denial of the steal: against the interests of his own party, against all its running candidates up to the President, and betraying the entire electoral system of this nation. In which other party in the world do the top officials act against their own party, against their own candidates and constituents?! Another key figure Cruz (a constitutional stalwart, mind you!) has just badmouthed Trump (already toppled!), and those are the top repooplicans, not to mention the thousands "less prominent"!


Now let's refresh the recent history of the repoops.


        In 2008 they ran their impostor (and POWs traitor) McCain, closing eyes on imposture of the opponent Obama, not fitting even into the 2008 Senate Res. 511 "vetting" McCain. 


        In 2012, Romney (later the cursed enemy of Trump) not only closed the eyes on imposture of the opponent Obama, but the entire repooplican convention banned Attorney Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio from reporting plainly criminal findings on their opponent Obama, whom they supposedly wished to defeat.


        In 2016 the repoops ran already 4 (four) impostors (prior to Trump) – to further cement the gross constitutional violation of the requirement "natural born" for President and Vice president.


         In 2020 the repoops again closed eyes on the imposture of Harris.


The repooplican party must be dismissed and damned appearing to be more insidious than Dems: those at least do not hide their real agenda1. (Other US parties are bad also).

There are so many grotesque items in all the above! The most grotesque one among them is that there exists not one prosecutorial or legislative agency in the entire nation which is going to consider and act upon all those tones of evidence, gathered by Attorney Sidney Powell and other non-governmental investigation groups exposing the vast election coup (perpetrated by enemies foreign and domestic). Worse! Not only do the US Congress and the entire government deny the coup in order to bury and forget it forever (like the 2008-2016 imposture and other crimes). They dare to denounce and call "domestic terrorists" those who bring this issue fore! This alone indicates a complete loss of civility in this nation!

Did anything remain of this nation (except dirt)?! I don't think so...


Hello from Kerensky


Fatal inaction, weakness, and incompetence of those at the top of power are known in history. Nicholas II, the emperor (!), could not arrange for himself and his family to "retire" somehow better than being brutally executed in a filthy basement by the human filth of his empire.


Kerensky, the head of the Russian Provisional Government in 1917, barely managed to get away. Then he hardly even realized what kind of genie he let out of the bottle. But later, already being in the USA, he did realize this. In an interview in the 1960s, he was asked if it was possible to stop the Bolshevik plague in 1917 by shooting some 100 people. To which he replied: "It was enough to shoot only one – me" ...


And now reread Chapter 3 of Byrne's report from the Oval office again [2]. Don't get me wrong: I'm not a Trump hater. Personally, I loved him and supported him until the last moment. But we must look into history and make comparisons. For whoever has not learned history from books will learn it by his own skin ...


And now, comparing with the history 104 ago, and figuring out a shocking similarity, can we hope that (according with Hegel) our current history will be a repetition of the past, but merely as a farce?

Well, what we see in
America today is definitely a farce: an ugly farce. However, its continuation may possibly even overdo the notoriously brutal 20th century, given what forces now rule. As Deonis Spektor wrote, "the castling on the election of Obama for the third term" [3] was successful – thanks to the efforts of both NWO "parties" and "activists" like these [4].


We have just had an act 3 of the coup d'etat in 3 acts [5]. "How will this end? Will it be April?" [6]. Hardly. Rather disintegration: the disintegration of the disunited and rotten states of America as a massive secession [7] (though no indications of it are visible so far).


Meanwhile – listen to Requiem by Mozart [8], the movement "Dies irae", "This day is wrath day": today, tomorrow, and then – forever.


Alexander Gofen


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[1] The only real difference between the parties is that the Democrats really believe in their agenda and stand behind their party and one another. The Republicans are purely Chamber of Commerce harlots looking for an easy buck. They believe in nothing and support no one. I curse their party's name. -  jbspry