The Civility Thrown 400 Years Back 

When people are forced to remain silent while being told the most obvious lies, or even worse, when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. 

- Theodore Dalrymple


This essay is written as a follow up to the previous one on the similar topic The no-shame-America vs. the post-Stalin USSR: written as a reflection on the play "Boris Godunov" by Alexander Pushkin (which I happened to watch recently).


Here is the plot preceding the last scene. The tsar Boris Godunov (1551-1605) had recently died survived by his family: tsarevich Feodor (the successor of the throne), his sister Ksenia, and tsarina Maria Godunov. He died in a dark time when a running monk Grishka Otrepiev pretended as though he were tsarevich Dmitriy Ivanovich (believed to be dead), found support in the neighboring Lithuania – and even among some boyars in Russia wishing to seat their puppet as a "true heir" into the tsar's throne. The only "obstacle" was the legal successor, tsarevich Feodor. And here is how the last scene goes.

KSENIA. Dear brother! Dear brother! I think the boyars are coming to us.


FEODOR. That is Golitsin, Mosalsky. I do not know the others.


KSENIA. Ah! Dear brother. My heart sinks.


behind them three archers.)


THE PEOPLE. Make way, make way; the boyars come. (They enter the house.)


ONE OF THE PEOPLE. What have they come for?


SECOND. Most like to make Feodor Godunov take the oath.


THIRD. Very like. Hark! What a noise in the house! What an uproar! They are fighting!


THE PEOPLE. Do you hear? A scream! That was a woman's voice. We will go up. We will go up! – The doors are fastened – the cries cease – the noise continues.


(The doors are thrown open. MOSALSKY appears on the staircase.)


MOSALSKY. People! Maria Godunov and her son Feodor have poisoned themselves. We have seen their dead bodies.


(The People are silent with horror.)


Why are ye silent? Cry, Long live the tsar Dimitry Ivanovich!


(The People are speechless.)



 Now let's see a few parallels with the current situation in America.


Russia during Godunov

Contemporary America

Certain boyars in Russia always wished to enthrone somebody special from their circle in order that the puppet be easily manipulated (or blackmailed) later. Typically the boyars were very sensitive and demanding in regard to the heritage and depth of nobility in each of them, tracing it back (or inventing) their aristocratic origin as deep as they only could. Therefore it seems unfathomable that the conspired boyars agreed to support and make their "tsar" such a low life pretender as a Grishka Otrepiev.


The Lithuanians supported him for their own reasons, and their military forces were ready to back the impersonator of the dead tsarevich Dmitriy in order to grab Moscow. The treasonous boyars were just happy to receive a foreign military support so they "swallowed" even such a dirty commoner as Grishka Otrepiev as though their "tsar".  


Comparing with the history of Rome, there were impostors too, for example the pretender of Nero1, created and promoted by a senator, which groomed his slave to become the impostor because of his similarity to Nero. Grishka Otrepiev also "rose" due to his similarity to the dead tsarevich Dmitriy.

Even long before 2008, the US Congress (and some powerful handlers) wished to seat their puppet in the "throne" of the US president2 to be easily manipulated (or blackmailed) later. Ideally they could find a plenty of legally impeccable candidates from any kind of "minorities" worshipped now, but for some unknown reasons they decided to promote an unfitting suspicious person of unclear origin under unverified name Barak Obama: explicitly not natural born3 (as the Constitution required).


So much did they wish that Barak Obama, and so long in advance, that since 2002 they began to pave the way for him trying to amend the US Constitution 8 times3 in order to rid of the too restrictive "natural born" clause. All those legislative attempts failed, so in 2008 they merely "closed the eyes" at the contender explicitly not born to citizen parents (and with never checked papers), and promoted him into the presidency anyway. Twice! The second time (2012) – after Attorney Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio had already proved that the impostor produced forged Birth Certificate in 2011 and used stolen Social Security number of Connecticut2.

The conspired arrogant boyars didn't care about legitimacy of their actions at all. They explicitly broke into the residence of the Godunov family, and murdered them inside not much bothering to hide it from the crowd outside.


Even for the medieval epoch the brutality of the boyars looked outrageous. They didn't care to look civil in what they did – so impatient they were. They could make it at least to look benign, say as though the tsarevich Feodor "voluntarily" abdicated, and tsarina Maria "voluntarily" went to a monastery, yet they didn't even bother.

The conspired arrogant Congress and both "parties" didn't care about legitimacy of their actions at all. Together with the totalitarian media, they ridiculed and blamed as a "conspiracy theorist" any rare voice which attempted to draw attention to the shocking imposture of Obama. 


Unlike during Godunov, now they did not even need to "dispose" of any legal successors: the so called opponents in both elections (McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012) cooperated that the impostor win.


Some suspicious deaths had happened too, but of lower ranks, like Ms. Loretta Fuddy of Hawaii, which hand delivered the paint art Birth Certificate to the White House in 2011. In 2013 she happened to be the only victim in a safe water landing of a plane (hastily cremated soon)2

Even the oppressed and intimidated people of the then Russia were so shocked by such an arrogant promotion of an impersonator of Dmitriy by the boyars, that they refrained from crying "Long live the tsar Dimitry Ivanovich!" They remained silent in horror. They remained speechless – even if displeasing the treasonous boyars, which expected a great enthusiasm of the sheeple toward the pretender. 

Rather than to be silent in horror (never mind to get vocal in protests as one expects from the citizenry of the freest nation in the world in 21st century), near 50% of American sheeple enthusiastically voted for and cheered the impostor and plain fraud Obama as their president: twice! They enthusiastically celebrated and shouted "Long live Barak Obama". Except a hardly heard small group of patriots, no opposition and no party voiced any protests about the usurpation of the presidency. All three "independent" branches of the US government top down backed the usurper.


"Speechless?!" The nation have been speechless keeping silence about the imposture during all 8 years of 2008-2016 and up to now (2018), though not in horror or fear, but in servility, ignorance, or indifference.    


It's now 10 years since the beginning of the usurpation – yet the advanced, freest, leading nation of the world turns the eyes away or worse: still admires the clothes on the nude ex-emperor. This "beacon of the humanity" seriously believes as though it's OK to wish away a crime because it is "too big to acknowledge". America behaves as though some improvements in economy (achieved by Trump) may "compensate" for her sin too big to repent. However the only consequence of the sin too big to repent may be the punishment too big to comprehend! TREMBLE you, fallen, stupid, unrepentant America forgetting about God's judgment!

Alexander Gofen



1. "The False Nero" by Lion Feuchtwanger