Когда несколько лет назад я переводил стихотворение Владимира Уфланда (1958), я не мог даже вообразить, что кто либо снимет в будущем такой документальный эпизод для иллюстрации его пророческих стихов!
When I was translating a poem by Vladimir Ufland (1958) a few years ago, I could not even imagine that somebody would ever film such a footage as an illustration of the prophetic nature of this poem! So far the source of this video is on YouTube, but here are the photos from there (just in case). (The Logo in the video belongs to so called  Black_Hebrew_Israelites)

1958,  Владимир Уфлянд

Меняется страна Америка.
Придут в ней скоро Негры к власти.
Свободу, что стоит у берега,
под негритянку перекрасят.

Начнут посмеиваться Бедные
над всякими Миллионерами.
А некоторые будут Белые
пытаться притвориться Неграми.

И уважаться будут Негры.
А Самый Черный будет славиться.
И каждый Белый будет первым
при встрече с Негром Негру кланяться.

Then in 1958, by Vladimir Ufland, USSR   (Translated by Alexander Gofen)

America is changing rapidly.
The Negroes quickly gain the power
And soon the famous Lady Liberty
Will be repainted in black powder.

Then "disadvantaged" and the poor ones
Will mock the millionaires blatantly
While Anglo-Saxon-Whitey Puritans
Will rush to mimic Negroes ardently.   

They will respect the Negroes dearly
And glorify the blackest fellow,
And Whiteys, walking with humility,
Will bow the first to every Negro.

Я всегда утверждал, что истинные поэты, это настоящие пророки, а многие пророки — трансформированные поэты. Это они во время бормотания, сотканного из птичьих вскриков, небесных вздохов и безумных слов, заглядывали в будущее. Вдруг видели там что-то неожиданное и ведали об этом всему миру. Сердце их начинало ворковать, губы причитать, глаза неотступно глядеть в небеса. И Тютчев, и Пушкин, и Лермонтов, когда стихи Байрона перекладывал на русские слова, и Маршак закрывавший Шекспиром глаза цензуре, а сам писавший своё горькое, хлесткое, печальное, одинокое, мудрое. И Мандельштам — замученный скворец, и Пастернак, и Твардовский, и Смеляков, и многие другие светлые, но дрожащие умницы.

А однажды, пятьдесят лет назад, получил откровение Владимир Уфлянд, и увидел он вдруг современную Америку, и Обаму, и всё другое. И написал об этом стихотворение, которое с недоумением советская цензура пропустила.

А сейчас, стихотворение пятидесятилетней давности из СССР, звучит, как информация поступившая сегодня из Вашингтона. Вот что такое пророчество. Хотите знать будущее — берегите поэтов! А я попробую перевести стихотворение на английский язык, и познакомить с ним американцев. Надо же, 52 года назад написать это!

Майкл (Михаил) Моргулис
2010 Флорида
Вот несколько фото для иллюстрации сказанного.
I always said that the true poets are really prophets, and that many prophets are transformed poets. It is they who, while muttering something from bird's chirping, some heavenly sighs, and crazy words, actually foresee the future. Suddenly they see there something unexpected - and report this to the world. Their heart then begins to coo, the lips - to wail, the eyes - to fixate into the sky. So did Tyutchev, Pushkin, Lermontov while translating Byron into Russian. So did Marshak - shutting the mouth to the censors (he merely translated Shakespear), while delivering his own bitter, sad, lonely wisdom.

And once 50 years ago, it was Vladimir Ufland who received the revelation, all of a sudden seeing contemporary America, and Obama, and all of that. So he wrote these verses then overlooked by a dull Soviet censorship.

And now the 50 years old poem written in the former USSR sounds as though the news coming from Washington. This is the real prophesy. If you wish to know the future - take care of poets.

Who could ever write something like this 52 years ago far away from America, in the USSR, of all places?! - Michael Morgulis (Florida) 2010

Fast forward to 2016. When I was composing the poem below as a kind of update for that by Ufland, the line about the white America on her knees was surely metaphoric. What else could one think of in 2016?! And now in 2020 we see the white America not merely bowing first to every Negro, but literally kneeling, literally kissing the boots, and literally washing the feet to blacks! It appears therefore that my 2016 poem below also happened to be prophetic (though it doesn't make me to feel good about it).

The 2016 addition, by Alexander Gofen, USA

America, you are in trouble
Incurred by trouble making rubble.
Consumed by "white guilt" paroxysm,
(Ple-e-ase, do not blame us for racism!)
You are already on your knees.

The Whites, appeasing troubling Blacks,
Are beaten as the boxing bags.
As though a doormat for the Blacks
The Whites are trodden by those hacks
While bending back and
bending back!

Get up until it's not too late.
Take in your hands your own fate.
Recalling Rudyard Kipling's pattern,
Take up your heavy White man's burden
To teach the trouble makers harder.

Here are some images in support of these poems.
And here is a collection of other Russian language poetry about self-deprecation of the whites in America (some of it translated into English)

Self deprecation and humiliation of whites in America knows no limits:
here they wash feet to blacks!

The author of one article asks: "Should whites kneel down and beg black people for forgiveness?!" And I replied the following.

Surely it's not near enough! The whites must all die from prongs of the white guilt over white privilege! There are still too many of them the huge 15% of the humanity, and all the evil comes exactly from the whites, you know.

And let me say even more: it's not enough to merely wait for self-extinction of the whites. The rate of their extinction by natural means is not near enough. Such minor measures as colonization of the remaining white nations by non-whites waiting for the natural extinction of the host it's too slow for the revolutionary spirit of the New World Order. It's time for active measures, comrades! No "justice" no peace! Have you heard this the white folks? It's an ultimatum. Submit, or else... 

A summary:  We are witnessing an unprecedented in human history self deprecation of the white race sped up with its self-genocide. As Mark Solonin noted [1],

It took years of taming and conditioning of both the whites and the non-whites. The whites were conditioned to die of prongs of the "white guilt" and of never repayable debt to ... To whoever is pointed out by the left media. The other side is conditioned into instincts of an eternal victim and vicious Lumpen.

This modern conditioning broke the centuries old common sense of survival, that racial or ethnic minority never dares to teach (or re-educate!) the majority! Similarly, moochers (and potential looters) were never supposed or allowed to demand anything from the productive people!

Racial or ethnic mixtures usually cannot co-exist well, and this co-existence becomes impossible when those who cannot do are pitted against those who can. There will be no end of "grievances" of under-achievers until they complain that the science and the Nobel committee are racist and must be re-educated too.  

I recalled the old soviet motto for Jews: "Suitcase, Airport, Israel". Replace "Israel" with Ghana and you have the best remedy against racism for all American malcontents. Ghana now vocally welcomes them.

1. https://echo.msk.ru/blog/solonin/2659628-echo/   (in Russian)