The White Manifesto


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The Whites of all countries: fight back!


We live in the time of unprecedented confusion and brain paralysis in the West taking the form of two never known before suicidal phenomena:

(I) Cancellation of own nationhood, and
(II) Enforcement of a dogma of the so called equity of all races and ethnicities.

I. Canclellation of own nationhood

In the past, European nations of the West had never admitted any immigration. After all, there were no French outside of France, Germans outside of Germany, Norwegians outside Norway, and on and on.  Most of those nation were lucky to finally settle as homogeneous nations, achieving therefore the most desirable mode of coexistence with others.

Then, all of a sudden, prompted by some new powerful forces, they opened themselves for the rest of the world: not merely for foreign ethnicities, but for foreign races, and religions, and cultures antithetical to their own. And not merely do they open the borders, but they slavishly bend back and accommodate foreign invaders at own expense.

Let's ask: does any nation need anybody needing assimilation rather than their own kind? What if incoming people are incapable of assimilation, or unwilling to assimilate, or worse: are willing to take advantage of the host forcefully assimilating the host towards the values of the nations they escaped from? Due to the brain paralysis, nobody even dares to pose such questions.

In the past, races and tribes waged wars against other races and tribes, and the culmination of it all was Nazism: an extreme homicidal racism which massively murdered and exploited others. Now, repeating the history as a farce, the Western governments arrived to so to say … suicidal racism, i.e. to the policies directed against their own citizenry, speeding up the extinction of their own ethnicity and the entire White race in its home nations.

(II) A dogma of "equity" of all races and ethnicities

Let dogma be enforced no matter that the world will perish.

(Rephrasing of Ferdinand I)

Since time immemorial people of the same tribes or ethnicities living compactly tended to love their own kind, and even exaggerate own significance so that superiority of the own kind was presumed (deserved or not). However, in the era of Enlightenment (the exclusively Western phenomenon) objectivity was introduced in reasoning. Thus, an objective comparison of statistical traits of different people replaced the idea of automatic superiority of the own kind by default (at least among the nations of Enlightenment). Also in the time of objectivity, nothing ever suggested as though all human races and ethnicities were statistically equal in every of many traits characterizing humans (though there may be no limits of  achievements for a specific person in every ethnicity). Therefore, a hypothesis of some philosophers as though all human races and ethnicities are statistically equal in all traits, had always been just a utopia having no basis in reality. Its falsity was more than obvious for the rest of the people everywhere (especially for those still believing in superiority of their own kind!) By his own experience, everyone knew exactly who excels and is superior in what, however the Enlightenment also brought the concept of tact, encouraging gentle folks to be tactful not boasting about achievements of the own kind.

Comes the era of "progressivism" and "woke" – and the former tactfulness morphed into self flagellation and the death wish of the White race. The forces setting the goal to ruin the West and its Judeo-Christian foundation have already broken the ethnic homogeneity of the Western nations (painfully achieved in a long historic process). And now, confronting the objective differences in achievements among different peoples, the NWO commissars proclaimed the above mentioned old utopia as their modern dogma of "equity" claiming as though... 

That's the new concept of
"equity" under "woke", and that's how the euphemism Affirmative action was introduced and enacted. Thus, pursuing a fantasy of equal representation of every minority in whichever endeavor, the West readily abandoned the sacrosanct of the Western civilization the meritocracy! Nobody cares anymore that rewarding merits and professionalism had always exemplified the concept of justice, stimulated the productivity, and benefited for everybody! The commissars of modern "justice" are aggressively enforcing the "equal representation" – the reality be damned. You the sheeple must love it and become progressively-minded. Hire only equally represented  "affirmative action" doctors, engineers, musicians instead of the best ones, or else...

For example, the United Airlines promised "Over the next decade to train 5000 pilots who will be guaranteed a job with United ... and their plan is for half of them to be women and people of color".  However...

For a long-long time already nobody in America discriminates against women, or against some scandalous minorities, with prejudice any more! Just meet the physical requirements; just be capable to learn and succeed in a hard profession; just be capable to pass the tests and exams and you are there! We know there were many women pilots or even astronauts which did it: women-pilots even during WWII, when the word "discrimination" was not yet a "death sentence" in the corporate practice! The scandalous minorities do not get there only because they are unable to learn and to pass the tests and exams. Just that!

Now imagine what will follow when the crazy corporate world will "help" to pass those tests and exams (like it massively happens in schools) to all those unable. United Airlines and the corporate world may be damned, but what kinds of pilots, doctors, and engineers America (you!) will have...

Therefore, considering...

the resolution of these artificially created and amplified tensions between the races now may be achieved only via reassertion of the host/guests relations between us.  

Indeed, in an ideal world the citizenry of a nation does not worry who are the hosts and who are the guests; who is the title ethnicity (race or tribe), and who isn't, and whose origin and roots are deeper. Only the enormity and stupidity of the anti-White propaganda in our home nations necessitates us to recall our "title of ownership" declaring the following. 


12 step recovery program for the Whites

who aren't going to rid of their "whiteness"(1)


1) All races and tribes have the right to preserve themselves: especially in the home nations. It's particularly important for the Whites (comprising <15% of humanity).

2) In America and the Western nations the Whites are the hosts: others are guests. The Whites are the hosts as the founders and the majority: still a majority so far, while our adversaries aim at turning us into a minority.

3) The Whites must stop listening to any grievances of their guests.

4) For minorities having grievances against the Whites, here is the motto "Suitcase, Airport, Ghana".

5) Though generally ALL LIVES MATTER, it wouldn't be wrong if in America WHITE LIVES MATTERED more. Yet in the moment, alas, it's vice versa: BLACK LIVES MATTER more, bothering and harassing everybody. Therefore, this Manifesto calls Americans to come to their senses and to stop bending back before scandalous minorities. The White Americans must always keep in mind what happens to the White minorities in Africa, if we are to evade their fate.   

6) We are the nation based on the meritocracy. Though all people are equal before the law, they are not equal in their achievements. We do not bother if minority races or tribes happened to be unevenly represented in various social strata, nor do we owe anybody equal representation in whichever endeavor.

7) We therefore do not pay attention to any accusations in the so called white guilt over white privilege: especially from guests in our own home. Unhappy? – See item (4).

8) In accordance with item (1), we are merely nationalists, acknowledging the rights of all races (including the White) to exist. We are not eager to compare or judge others. Nevertheless the vicious anti-White propaganda accuses the White nationalists in a sin of judging others and elevating ourselves into supremacy. At every opportunity brazenly arrogant ideologues miscall the White nationalists as White supremacists meaning it as an insult. In other words, they blame the Whites as if for their "racist" claim of supremacy – which the Whites do not claim, but which is real! At that…

9) The Whites, in a complete mind paralysis, rush to apologize for what in fact is their greatest achievement: the absolute superiority of the White Western Greco-Roman Judeo-Christian civilization in all human endeavors (not counting the recent decades of spiritual decay).

The culture of the world, created mainly by the White men, is being destroyed by those who do not understand it, are not up to it, and therefore feel the inferiority complex(2) – while the NWO commissars exploit them and pit against the White humanity.


…Whereas other civilizations have been brought down by attacks of barbarians from without, ours had the unique distinction of training its own destroyers at its own educational institutions, and then providing them with facilities for propagating their destructive ideology far and wide. – Malcolm Muggeridge, "Vintage Muggeridge: Religion and Society" (1985)

    And one more quote:

It is great to be White. My race is responsible for all of the inventions, art, science and literature. If Whites were not on the planet, the world would be savage. GOD BLESS WHITE PEOPLE. The rest of the world should be kissing our butts. Our mistake was bringing the world into our countries. These savages are desecrating White people. I am fed up and I would love to see all non white races out of our Western civilized countries. No more Mr. nice guy. I am tired of inferior people and self hating White fascist liberals joining in on White bashing. If it was true and warranted, I would keep quiet. The problem is that these inferior losers hate us because we are superior in all the ways that matter. There, I said it.  –  Peter

10) Though this Manifesto is surely pro Whites, it is not against anybody. It is pro Whites because if we are not for ourselves, who will be? Yet we are not against any minorities living among us providing that...

  • They do appreciate this opportunity. Staying among us is their voluntary choice. They adjust to our culture – because they value our hospitality, civil, and economic standards higher than those in the countries of their origin; and...
  • They do not aspire to become majority among us.(3) It's we who control the immigration stream.

11) The Western Greco-Roman Judeo-Christian civilization has created almost everything: from the most "racist" Mathematics since Euclid, to the music by Mozart, to the Moon landing and Saturn photographing. And this includes also the idea of modesty and tact! Usually the Westerners are tactful to not boast about their superiority, nor are they obsessed with it (like some others). The Westerners believe in equal opportunities to excel in honest competition, and to be rewarded according to one's merits. On the contrary, our adversaries demand equal rewards neglecting the achievements and hating the honest competition. And most of all, they hate the absolute winner of this competition: the White race and the Western Civilization!  

The strongest insult and verdict of the adversaries of the White race is an accusation in the white supremacy – the worst kind of racism in their minds meaning that any further deliberations are off limits; but they are not!

In their zeal to intimidate opponents, our adversaries brought force and vehemently denounce something which is truth: the truth about the absolute superiority of the Western civilization and (statistical) superiority of the White race. Those idiots blame the White race for being (statistically) straight "A" students (i.e. for being whities in you know whose "parlance"). That's the truth: not to boast about, but to remember and live up to it doing our best to be the best. This truth is non-negotiable, nor is it an object for bargaining: like it or not. 

And no, it's not racist. No truth in itself is evil or racist. Racism is under-treatment of own citizens based on prejudice about their race of ethnicity: just that. In this sense racism is bad indeed. However, now it's the White majority in their own nations which is under-treated and vilified!


12) We were polite and tactful so long that our adversaries took advantage of us. Now forget about tact and speak out the hard truth. The Whites of all countries: fight back! 

(1) Anton Chekhov admonished "To rid of  slavery in oneself" (выдавить из себя раба).
(2) A rephrased quote from D.G.
(3) As paradoxically as it seems, it is also in the interests of the minorities that the Whites remain the majority: otherwise the minorities would end up with the same standards from which they escaped. To preserve our nation White is also in the interests of non-Whites – however first of all, it's our interest, because (let's repeat it) if we are not for ourselves, who will be?

Alexander Gofen
April, 2021



From: TruthHurts2020  (concerning 12 ways to stop being so white)


Let's keep it simple. Here are 12 real ways to stop being so white and start acting more like the superior minorities you need to stop oppressin' and start emulatin'.


  1. Stop thinking. Logic be racist. Emotion is all.
  2. Stop being calm. Rage against everything, even perceived slights that didn't really happen.
  3. Stop learnin'. Edjumacation is for racists. If you try to get smart, you just bein' white.
  4. Like those shoes your buddy is wearin'? Then shoot him and take 'em. Serves him right for thinkin' he be all that wit dem new shoes.
  5. Stop having quiet conversations in public. Be loud. Everybody wants to hear your thoughts, know what I'm sayin'? If they don't want to hear you scream something at the guy right next to you, they can stop listening.
  6. Workin' for fools, yo. Jump on welfare cuz that money is owed to you. Oh wait, since you actually white, you allowed to still work, maybe even two jobs, to keep welfare money goin' to the state so we can have it. Skip this step and get to work.
  7. Always be votin' Democrat. Never no mind wonderin' what the issues actually be. Democrats keep payin' us, so they get the vote.
  8. Stop plannin' for no future. Saving money? Stocks and bonds? Sucka, you gotta spend that money now, boy!
  9. Knock up some chick? Run. Don't be wastin' no time wit no kid you didn't want. She shoulda been takin' a pill, yo. Move on, playa.
  10. Man, these shoes is all worn out now. Jamal has some nice know what to do.
  11. Why buy it when you can steal it? That's what insurance is for. Buyin' is for suckas.
  12. Got a problem with someone? Can't shoot them? Call 'im racist. Always remember everybody be racist if they bother you. White person got a job? Racist. Got a nice car you don't have? Racist. Doesn't like you pointing a gun at his face? Racist. Wants you to stop shouting at him about privilege? Racist. Walking around mindin' his own business? Racist. Got a hot shorty? Racist. Votes for Trump? Racist. Votes for Biden? Racist. You get the idea.

Now, follow those steps and you'll take a giant leap forward in stopping yourself from being all nasty white and sheet.




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