Derek Chauvin an Innocent Victim of Cowardice and Baseness of America,

где черножопие и левосудие(*) рулят


(*) Non-translatable Russian play on words meaning "where black asses and leftist justice rule"


"How many miscarriages of justice must one man endure" asks Robert Spencer after a wrongfully convicted policeman Derek Chauvin was stabbed 22 times in a prison cell and recovered just by a miracle. Read his entire article to realize how deeply this despicable nation has fallen.

Mr. Spencer characterized this conviction as "A symbol of the decline of equal justice under the law in America".  A gross understatement! The sad fate of Mr. Derek Chauvin happened to be a litmus test that demonstrated the ugly baseness and cowardice of contemporary America and I say this with the bitterness of a patriot.

How can I dare to say this about the whole nation? Let me explain.

Though the people among the over 330 million citizens of this nation happen to be quite different, the injustice fallen on Derek Chauvin reveals the baseness of so many people belonging to so different social structures, that this sampling appears to be quite representative to characterize the entire nation. Let's name just the most obvious scoundrels responsible for wrongful imprisonment of Mr. Derek Chauvin. 

               The prosecutor and the trial judge from hell may both of them be damned! Not only did they ban the evidence which exonerated the defendant; Not only did they convict the policeman in a murder while he incurred no harm to the "victim" acting in accordance with the rules; Not only did they convict the policeman in a murder while the "victim" died later in a hospital because of the fentanyl overdoes; But they also disregarded the gross violations of the process including public threats to the jury and picketing their homes! This alone ought to invalidate the entire trial!

               The jury. None of the twelve had the courage to disagree with the violation of the process and false verdict. Not one!

               All the courts of appeal. The violations of the process during the trial were so gross that this alone required to qualify the case as a mistrial.     

               The so-called Supreme Court which let this injustice stay, thus adding their final nail to it may they be damned! All the courts from the lower to the Supreme happened to be no different than the notorious Soviet Bassmanniy court which tried the soviet dissidents.

               The entire police force of the US showed apathy and indifference. They had no solidarity with their own victim. Instead of going on a national strike indefinitely until justice triumphed, they did nothing to stand for their own one against a gross injustice.

               The entire prison personnel where Mr. Derek Chauvin is kept may all of them be damned! THEY OUGHT TO HAVE SOME EMPATHY AND SYMPATHY FOR THE INMATE WHO WAS A POLICEMAN! Even in the former USSR, the inmates which were former policemen or militiamen, were kept in separate facilities away from felons!

               No political force in America stood to protect Mr. Derek Chauvin from the government injustice and tyranny. Standing for a white policeman became something unthinkable in this deranged nation, so that justice for Derek Chauvin tops the Never-Do-List here.

               Finally, shame on the entire white America! No, I do not mean as though the whites ought to massively riot and destroy property mimicking the behavior of the black mobs. However, the whites ought to massively go on strike and picket all the institutions indefinitely until the justice triumphs. Alas, nothing like that took place.


There was one incredible occasion in Germany during Hitler. The wives of German ethnicity having Jewish husbands, started pickets in Berlin demanding to free their husbands rounded up into death camps. And that brutally dictatorial government conceded, returning those Jewish husbands into an encampment in Berlin, where they had chances to survive.

However, nothing of such kind could ever happen under another brutally dictatorial government of the time that of Stalin. Typically, all relatives of the arrested victims were also arrested soon. The wife of Molotov (the nearest henchman of Stalin) was in GULAG! Nobody dared even to kindly ask the authority for release of their dear ones, never mind open pickets!

I leave it to the readers to determine the place of America among these two "wonderful" regimes in connection with the fate of the poor Mr. Chauvin or those over 700 innocent political inmates after the January 6, 2021 government coup.


The American whites, still the majority of the nation, cowardly bend back and appease the black scum kissing their boots: literally! The white majority of America are miserable cowards fearing the black scum and fearing to be branded "racist"!

This was written in 1958! By a Soviet (!) poet Vladimir Ufland! About you all, white cowards paralyzed with fear!


America is changing rapidly.

The Negroes quickly gain the power

And soon the famous Lady Liberty

Will be repainted in black powder.


Then "disadvantaged" and the poor ones

Will mock the millionaires blatantly

While Anglo-Saxon-Whitey Puritans

Will rush to mimic Negroes ardently.  


They will respect the Negroes dearly

And glorify the blackest fellow,

And Whiteys, walking with humility,

Will bow the first to every Negro.


And much later in 2016, I, a newcomer to America, added this:  


America, you are in trouble

Incurred by trouble making rubble.

Consumed by "white guilt" paroxysm,

(Ple-e-ase, do not blame us for racism!)

You are already on your knees.


The Whites, appeasing troubling Blacks,

Are beaten as the boxing bags.

As though a doormat for the Blacks

The Whites are trodden by those hacks

While bending back and bending back!


Get up until it's not too late.

Take in your hands your own fate.

Recalling Rudyard Kipling's pattern,

Take up your heavy White man's burden

To teach the trouble makers harder.



See how a few other Russian poets ridicule you, America: America who lost its mind and dignity.

Read, reread, and spread this Manifesto, America, until it's not too late.

Alexander Gofen