Secession, if you can keep it…


Coming around the article [1] by Mr. JB Williams negating the fundamental right of secession for states, we must object him. Knowing Mr. Williams a little bit, and often referring to some of his works, we were stunned with his reasoning: especially in this time of dramatic failure of the entire experiment called the USA. Here we are going to rebuff his arguments.  


Part one


Let's start with what we surely agree with Mr. Williams: about the mixture of the citizenry with opposite political views approximately 50+50% spread all around the nation. All the States now represent already such a mixture of irreconcilable citizenry, actually mutual enemies, simplistically identified as "blue" and "red", meaning the Democrats and Republicans (which are however merely two wings of the same NWO woke/liberast party). According to the observation of Mr. Williams, the "blue" are mostly concentrated in every big city.

Not all states are similarly split. If we take the November 2020 electoral map as an indicator, there was 72% votes for Trump in the state of Wyoming: far more than in other states having Trump majority. 


Nevertheless, such a mixture and spread of enemies in all states is really an enormous problem indeed. This alone manifests our doom similar to what was prophesied in the end of "Atlas shrugged" by Ayn Rand. And, just like in that prophetic novel, we can dream only about a partial solution: to go John Galt; to preserve only a small replica of the former blueprint of the Founders – because there is no way to ever change the minds of about 50% of the citizenry! You cannot wish them away, and you surely cannot live together with them. That is why the hypothetical John Galt compact seems the only way to go.


It means that we have to devise some ways of separation from our enemies, the peaceful separation, which necessitates voluntary movement of hostile citizenry away from each other by interests. This is a very difficult problem. However, if we do not pose this problem, and do not solve it, then we all will end up as liberasts doomed to the chaos, like in the final chapters of the "Atlas shrugged".


Yes, the big cities turned "blue" everywhere. The voluntary relocation and separation may be triggered by the conservative laws enacted in separate states such as ...


Such things can be enacted only in a state which seceded and elected a strong conservative State government. And now we approached to the point where we dramatically disagree with Mr. Williams. His insistence as though secession of a State were unconstitutional is bordering with a deceit and enemy propaganda! Especially now, when this sinful sodomite/transgender union fell into an abyss with no way out – and here is no exaggeration. Just familiarize yourself with this summary whether our history will repeat itself merely as a farce [2]? This shameless nation, fearing the so called collateral damage from truth [3], keeps living by lies: will it last forever?


Part two


Let's consider Mr. Williams' arguments.


1) Contract vs. compact. The Constitution was not written with such terminology in mind. The term "compact" is never mentioned there. Distinction between the two terms is obvious. This distinction is so important, that if it were minded, it would surely take a separate section to spell it out explicitly. The Constitution therefore was a voluntarily signed contract.

2) Moreover: the Constitution explicitly defined a short, enumerated list of powers delegated to the Feds as the only powers the Feds can exercise. All and whichever the rest of the powers (secession included) were designated up to individual states. That's the basic principle declared there. Surely, no state would ever sign a "compact" – an agreement which makes the issue of freedom of this state dependent on the will of others. The right to get out (no questions asked) was presumed and assumed as the very basic right to begin with.

3) What is the most grotesque in Mr. Williams' arguments, is mentioning of the 1861 "Civil war" as though a proof that the Constitution were a compact, a mandatory union to be preserved at any cost, even by a war! What an example of vicious circle and circular reasoning! But wait: Mr. Williams is not alone in such circular reasoning.


No less than the late Justice Antonin Scalia dared to conclude as though "If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede." Such a statement uttered by a Justice of the Supreme Court, is particularly shameful! War as a mean to resolve constitutional issues?!

On the contrary! The Civil war was a great crime committed in no relation with the Constitution and in violation thereof! A crime against the states which attempted to exercise their basic right for secession, and a crime against all states forcefully brought into a bloody fratricide war for no reason but the ambitions of President Lincoln and economic hardships of the North!


Indeed, slavery was evil: in the South states, in South America, in Africa and everywhere. Slavery for the South was also a myopic temporary solution. Did the Southerners think it would last forever? Anyway, liberation of the slaves was not a goal of that Civil war at all, nor did any plans exist for accommodation of the freed slaves. The myth as though the war were specifically to liberate the slaves was invented later (being maintained up to now).  However, even if the myth were true, it does not justify going to a fratricide war, much less keeping the Union by force.


In order to mobilize the citizenry into that fratricide war, the propaganda of that time – and since then on and on! – entertained a huge campaign of disinformation by repeating the lie so long that it began to be perceived as though truth (70 years before Goebbels). 

It was then that America first started an ugly practice of deliberate twisting of the Constitution to fit their propaganda goals of the moment, and then to repeat the lies forever, even 160 years later. Please make a note of it, Mr. Williams – as a scholar of the 2008-2016 imposture! Such a practice of distortion, denial, silencing, and tabooing the lies, originated 160 years ago – and it goes on right now as a denial of the 2020 election coup (a "conspiracy theory"!) with attempts to demonize those which bring proofs of that coup!

As a side note, wars do not prove anything, nor are they an "argument" in seeking the truth and justice. Wars merely impose the will of the victor whichever evil he (or his will) are.



4) In order to legally justify his no-secession position, Mr. Williams referred to a precedent of the 19th century and the opinion of the contemporary (in)justice Alito! However, Alito and the entire Supreme kangaroo Court now turned into an NWO propaganda tool. They sabotaged the critical cases of this 2020 election coup thus contributing to the success of the coup (and defeat of the justice and civility!) 


If you really want to refer to the Founding documents, Mr. Williams, then go no farther than the first paragraph of the Declaration:    


When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.


Now the entire Feds turned into an ugly termite eaten structure that needs to be razed down. The ideal way to terminate and fire them all would be a massive secession of all 50 states: a long overdue anyway. Every extra day that this sinful sodomite union remains on the map is a spit into God's justice. How long will God remain mocked?!


The 2020 election coup was in fact an Act 3 in an enormous three-act coup [4]:


Act 1, 2000-2008. As traced by Mr. Williams, there were 8 attempts of passing congressional bills to rid of the "Natural born" requirement for some upcoming important presidential candidate.


Act 2, 2008-2016. The actual imposture of that "candidate" Obama/Soetoro.


Act 3, 2016-2020. Toppling President Trump and the entire electoral system in the US for indefinite future.


Perpetrators of this vast coup delivered the US into the hands of the NWO empowering them even more, pushed the world into a new era of darkness, and the white race – to extinction in its home nations [5].


"To secede or not to secede?", asks Mr. Williams. – To massively secede recreating at least a small John Galt replica.


Alexander Gofen, California, .

The late Morgan Ward, Texas, an army veteran.   





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