Michael Weller
A famous Russian-language writer and expert in the New World Order and globalism

Earlier I already had a chance to comment on the book "The Heretic" by Michael Weller. "The Heretic" is a collection of nonfictional articles that painted a broad and deep picture of the current state of the world and civilization: the state characterized by the term the New World Order (NWO). In my view, Michael Weller is the best expert in the topic of the NWO and globalism, also called Davos (after a Swiss resort town where the NWO conventions annually take place).

Although I closely follow conservative publications in the West, Michael Weller is probably the only author who understands and outlines all the features of the current era so straight, with such depth and scope, that English-language conservative authors do not even come close. And this is all the more surprising that Mikhail Weller achieved such a fundamental understanding "remotely"
– unlike us, who live here for decades.


While "The Heretic" was nonfiction, his just published meta-novel "An Island for Whites " (Остров для белых) on the same topic, with the same goal and breadth of coverage, is a novel written in the unique artistic manner. It contains such brilliant dialogues and polemics, that any of the mushy Western conservatives, if he had a dream like this, would wake up frightened in a cold sweat, asking those around him whether he had committed a thought crime saying some "terrible things" in his sleep...


And there is another unique aspect of the novel. We all know the quote by Ecclesiastes that "What has been will be again," will it not? However, what we are living through now has never been before! That Ecclesiastes did not envisage.

Rephrasing the title of one book of Ann Coulter, the Weller's "An Island for Whites" is an example "How to talk to ... LHBT, BLM, wokeness fanatics, and similar – if you must)". Please keep in mind, that in the parlance of the so called "snowflakes", the Weller's space is extremely "unsafe". Now you are warned. 


The author also reads out some chapters in a serious of videos grouped here: Авторское чтение избранных глав (in Russian), while below are a few excerpts from this great novel translated into English.

Alexander Gofen
August, 2022

An Island for Whites

A meta-novel


Selected chapters (in English)

Book I

Chapter 1. In the beginning

Chapter 6. Being destroyed for a wrong word

Book II
Chapter 14. Kill bastards

Book IV
Chapter 19. My devil

Book V
Chapter 27. An execution of a fascist

Book VI
Chapter 36. Black reparations

Chapter 44. The Criterion of the Superiority
Chapter 46. A Black-White Dialogue

Book VII
A morning and the world.

Chapter 48. The "blue" reservation.
   Part two. Paradise islands.
   Part one. The area of social defense
       1. The collectivism of a minority.

       2. A Morning Roll Call.
       3. The Black Book of crimes of the regime

       Episode Fortieth. Killing Private Ryan

Chapter 49. Vultures. A pride parade

Chapter 50. A scrap of a diary.
Chapter 53. Condemnation by a Prophet


Book IX

—  P a r t   t w o
Chapter 62. Yellow stars.
—  P a r t   o n e
Chapter 63. A prophet, bottle, and void.
Chapter 64. Politics and love are one passion.
Chapter 65. Jews and revolutions.
Chapter 66. The Jews are a catalyst for self-destruction of civilization
Chapter 67. The Jews as an idea.
— P a r t   t h r e e

Chapter 68. A tip.
Chapter 69. Pogrom – four cards.

Chapter 70. A cruise liner.
Chapter 71. The hall of fame.
Chapter 72. A sleep of reason.
— P r o l o g
Chapter 73. A gangster and a provocateur.

Book X

Chapter 74. Danny the Red
Chapter 75. Kanzlerin
Chapter 77. Purim in Davos

Chapter 78. Grenadiers at the UN

Book XII

Chapter 88. The Boston Tea Party